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Thread: Salvia/Medium Sized Bowl - Second Time - Cereal Box Euphoria

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    Salvia/Medium Sized Bowl - Second Time - Cereal Box Euphoria

    I was a Senior in high school that was in the marching band and we were about to leave to a football game. A friend and I had the great idea to smoke a quick bowl each before we were to head out. We had about 30 minutes to get high so we went behind the baseball field my school had. I know what you're thinking, what a shitty location and a shitty location indeed but I didn't think much about it because of the short duration it has. We went by a big bush blocking the view of the school and I was the first to go. He hands me the pipe and the lighter and I spark up. The first hit it was a monster of one and I inhaled deep and held it for about 5 seconds. When I released the immediate hit of salvia began to flood my mind but I wanted to get another hit in. The second hit wasn't as big as the first one due to the fact that the pipe felt heavy and I could no longer hold it up to my face. This time I had held it in longer and needed my friend to tell me to exhale. After he takes the pipe from my hand I immediately get hyper focused off into the distance and my vision goes blank. My eyes weren't closed but I couldn't see around me. When my eyes began to "work" again I was in an animation similar to Family Guy but I was ontop of the fridge as a cereal box that had what seemed like googly eyes on. In this state I was 100% content that I was an animated cereal box and everything was blissful. After what felt like seconds but could've been minutes, I blink and when I had done this everything slowly began to come back to me. First it was my eyes, they began to see the landscape around me and I began to gain the realization I was a 17 year old boy trippin balls by a baseball field. After some thought and looking around in front of me I believed that the only things that existed where the things that were in front of me, I.e. if I were to look behind me all I would see would be a void of whiteness. This thought some what scared me but I started thinking, "Why not turn around? What if there is more?" These questions felt unfathomable for my brain and my heart began to race thinking about all this uncertainty, so I turned around. I could not believe what I saw! It was more of Earth. The shock and excitement of knowing there was more to the world only lasted a little because as I turn to my friend, I could see by the look on his face he was on another dimension and that made me laugh for a good minute. I laid back and just wanted to gather my thoughts. After his voyage was over we packed up and headed back to the school.

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    Nice, thanks for sharing and welcome to Bluelight. Salvia is such a strange drug.

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