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Thread: 2g Phenibut Hcl and 75ug LSD - First time Combination - Mellow Psychedelia

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    2g Phenibut Hcl and 75ug LSD - First time Combination - Mellow Psychedelia

    26/11-18: Experiment with 2g Phenibut Hcl and 75ug LSD

    2g pheninut HCL was consumed at approximately 06.50. Then at roughly 08.00 (T+0) I dropped half a 150ug Dr. Seuss tab of LSD.

    T+1.45: I have definitely been feeling the LSD coming on for the last hour or so, I think because of the phenibut there has been a little less of the jitters and anxiety that I would usually get at that phase. I have experienced some gastrointestinal upset and am contemplating having a cup of kratom to try settle these symptoms. I quit kratom for about 6 months, but I have stupidly let myself fall lure to opiates again and believe I may have a mild physical dependency again.
    Although I had no specific plan for this trip going in. I have had a feeling that I need to re-connect with a side of myself that I have lost through blindsided opioid and benzo use for some time now and I hope this trip might be able to help shine a bit of light on that part of myself and I also hope it can help get my creative juices flowing a bit more freely again. I also just wanted a nice gentle re-introduction into the world of psychedelia.

    T+1.50: I would describe the visuals at this point to be pretty standard for what to expect from LSD at this dose. It is mainly manifest in a gentle shimmering ?quality? to everything. Details are also more apparent ? heightened pattern recognition. So far, apart from possible anxiolysis the phenibut definitely doesn?t seem to have the same ?dulling? qualitive impact on the experience as a benzodiazepine does. My only experience of combining LSD and phenibut in the past was one time, with lower doses of each, roughly 1 to 1.2g phenibut and 30ug LSD, it resulted in a mildly manic but still rather pleasant day (I was pretty active that day).

    T+2.40: Smoking a pipe of hash definitely helped things pick up a notch. It?s all merging into a nice mellow very mild psychedelic soup. Phenibut usually takes about 5 ? 6 hours to reach peak effects for me so I have the paradoxical effect of the LSD rising yet my mood mellowing with the Phenibut. It?s a very pleasant experience, Chimacum Rain by Linda Perhacs is sounding beautiful pouring soothingly out of my speakers. I think I?m going to refrain from Kratom for a while at least. It?s like all walls and boundaries are loosened ever so slightly.

    Possible slight ego-strengthening effects from the Phenibut. Not necessarily a positive or a negative ? depends on purpose. I could see this combo definitely being good in a social setting, or a personal setting when working with an already fragile ego / sense of self.

    T+3.20: I?m contemplating going on a little cycle. Just as a way of getting out and experiencing the day a bit. It?s cold and cloudy but there are some bursts of sunshine.

    T+4.05: Just back in from my cycle. The cycle went well, it was nice being out in the fresh air and it eased the flow of my thoughts. The exercise is good for working out some of the tension that can arise from the stimulating aspect of LSD. On this dose I felt that my road-sense was near impeccable ? if anything sharper than if I had just been stoned on cannabis.
    A couple of thoughts to bring back from the cycle: The human is found in the flaws beneath the cracks (sterility = no life?)
    Cycling past a sterile white empty row of upper middle-class houses, the only sense of soul I could find was in brush strokes of the shoddily painted and cracking portion of wall leading out of the estate?

    T+4.50: A few little aches, pains and grievances have started to prevail which I think may be some mild kratom withdrawal symptoms. I have been trying to monitor my usage, but I have been using opioids, such as kratom, heroin and codeine, if not always heavily, pretty much continuously for the past month or so. Not to mention cycling benzos on and off too. I have realised that I need to stop this unhealthy usage and not become a slave to the Nill Mind. But! For the sake of this trip I am going to drink a small cup of kratom.

    Is Xanax this generations MK-Ultra weapon? Alprazolam is a bad drug, definitely worse even than diazepam. Whole segments of the past 3 days since I scored a few bars are lost to me - lost to the Xanax void. I don?t recall feeling particularly high at any point, but I must have been dosing compulsively. At least with diazepam there is a pleasant muscle relaxant property, and I personally am not nearly as prone to black-outs with it, even at high doses. Benzo?s are my Achilles heel, I constantly disavow them, yet I always allow them to find a way back into my life.

    T+5.00: Drink 1 tsp (3 ? 4g) of Red Thai kratom.

    Spent some time chilling out and watching Rick and Morty ? perfect trip watching.

    It?s the irrational in us that makes us human. ? The chaos, the unpredictability of our psyches is what truly define us as alive. You can never truly predict humans, there is always the possibility of the one chaotic subversive and the infinite possibilities that can stem from that one.

    This feels like gently dipping my toe back into the psychedelic pool. I look forward to diving deeper in the future. It?s been a very enjoyable and gentle baptism back in to the church of Psychonautica.

    In Conclusion: Phenibut and LSD is a pretty synergistic and enjoyable combination. The 2g dose of Phenibut may have been a little on the heavy side as there was definitely a diminished peak and the trip was shorter than usual. This would be a perfect combination for a social trip as the Phenibut takes the edge off the LSD and provides some gentle confidence.

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    Nice report, thanks for sharing. I love combining phenibut with psychedelics, it's actually one of my favorite things to combine with them. Unlike benzos and opiates it is synergistic, rather than muting the experience. I also love how psychedelics can cause us to stop and think about things, where normally we're sort of on auto-pilot.

    As for the opiates, man, I get it. I spent 10 years on and off (mostly on) opiates, and for the majority of that, it was primarily kratom, though I had physical dependence to oxycodone, heroin, and poppy tea (oral opium basically) at various times. Every time I would quit, after a while I would convince myself I could use them responsibly, which was always a lie I told myself. I eventually ended up wishing for death and believing I could never get off of them. I ended up doing an ibogaine flood dose which rooted it out of my brain and almost 5 years later I don't ever consider doing opiates and it makes me happy that it's not an option to me. I don't know why it took such an extreme experience for me to finally get that through my head.

    As for the benzos, you probably know that if you cop a physical dependence to those, it's going to make opiate withdrawal seem like a walk in the park.

    Finally, Rick and Morty on psychedelics (or not) is fantastic.

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    Thanks Yeah it is a really nice combination, as you said the phenibut seems to work synergistically with the psychedelic instead of overriding it like a benzo. Seems perfect for a social trip.

    I can definitely relate to you with the opiates, every time I quit I also convince myself I can use responsibly and occasionally - I think I've finally realised that this isn't really possible for me unfortunately. I have gone through benzo withdrawal before (relatively mild thank god) and it is certainly not something I want to go through again.

    Rick and Morty is fab alright, perfect for almost any state of mind.

    Stay well.

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