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Thread: cbd is great but they need to sort it out!

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    cbd is great but they need to sort it out!

    CBD is a great supplement, more than a supplement definitely a medication, a 15-20mg dose gets rid of my rls and has stopped me rattling before bad at a decent dose.
    Problem is I need atleast 50mg a day maybe more now Im tapering opiates and cannabis.
    Im even considered spending 150quid on a product from austria, it is 25percent cbd 50mg per dose 50 servings. as I am spending like 80-120quid a month on like 12-16percent in total.
    it needs to be mediciliased for more than epilepsy and ms in the uk, Fibro patients need it, IF THEY ARE SPO BOTHERED ABOUT DIAZEPAM im sure people wouldnt mind using cbd oil for it.
    I wish cbd oil was commerically around when i frist got bloody ill, it doesnt help u get off the tablets completely it might do in higher doses but with a 2g a day cannabis habit its pretty hard.
    Id quit weed but I got oxy to cut down and get stable on NO MORE BUYING OFF THE STREETS, Only do it once -twice a month but thats enouigh to fuck my tolerance.
    Also in the UK its ridicilous a website sells ten perfecent for 25quid NO WAY is this all CBD, and if it is it must just be a raw product not filtered as the oil is dark as.
    They swear blind they just dont rip people off, I beg to differ when cheapest ten percent ive seen is 50something poundl double the price.
    They also do a oil for 5pound with hardly any cbd and little bit of cbda in, it also annoys me how people microdose this stuff like its fucking LSD.
    THC should be microdosed, cbd should be used in good doses, trials have shwon a 600mg dose stopped all psychotic traits in schizophrenia for a few hours.

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    micro dose is micro dose, The stuff is overpriced, but is good stuff. They have to make their money. I found cbd oil capsules are pretty good.

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    The best deals for cbd that I've seen are online. I believe the best is 1 gram cbd crystalline for about $40 USD (before tax and shipping). Can't really beat that when you compare it to the over priced products in the shops. They offer it at this price because it comes from Colorado. They grow huge fields of Hemp there for extraction.

    For example there is 1.5 gram bottle of cbd e-liquid at my local vape shop for over $250.

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