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Thread: MXE+2C-C - Experienced - I think I finally understand psychedelics (a bit)

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    MXE+2C-C - Experienced - I think I finally understand psychedelics (a bit)

    I've been packing the past few days. This is my last night in Colorado. In the morning I'm moving to Washington, where I'm starting school. I want to stay here but I'm totally changing majors so I'm gonna do the first couple years at a community college and they are ridiculously expensive here in Colorado since I'm classified as an out-of-state student. In Washington community college tuition is basically the same cost whether you're in or out-of-state. Plus since that's the only other place I really wanna live I guess it's pretty good. My eventual goal is to go to graduate school for either neurosci or pharmacology. I'm also planning on getting a part-time job because I think it would be good.

    I had first tried this combo a couple times about a week ago and had a great time. I then had 5 days off everything other than weed and then yesterday I figured I'd do some MXE and go for a hike, to enjoy my last days here. Anyways, that spilled over into today and I plugged 35mg MXE and did some packing. A while later I plugged 25mg more MXE. MXE although it used to be my favorite drug, on it's own is rather mundane for me because I've used it so much. Don't get me wrong it's still enjoyable, but plugging 30mg is more of a "ok, now go about your day" rather than sit there in ecstasy listening to music or whatever. So I figured I would take a bit of 2C-C to enhance it, so I ate 10mg. Ran to the store real quick, got home and realized I was in that uncomfortable half-tripping state so I ate 20mg more. Went to do some laundry and having introspection about how I'm not really antisocial and I need to go out more and how it actually sounds like fun. A big problem in my last relationship (taking some time off) is that I never wanted to go out. I think this may be a product of my dissociative abuse, I was definitely addicted to them for 2 solid years, but I'm not sure if that was just a product of my lifestyle at the time. The past couple years I've spent just finding myself again, because really after doing dissos heavily, once you stop it takes a long time to feel like yourself again. My sex drive was totally gone for like 6 months. It's almost like a perma-dissod state. But the past year I've spent a lot of time studying pharmacology, chemistry, and physics and realized that's what I'm into so I need to go back to school.

    Anyways after doing some laundry and stuff I start feeling super stimulated and have the thought I should do more. I plugged 5mg more of 2C-C and decided to go for a walk. Anyways, after about 5 min I'm like what the fuck am I doing out here it's cold as shit. Go back inside where it's nice and warm, sit down by some music and take a couple hits off my dab pen. I started getting super rich imagery with eyes closed, the best I can remember. I can feel the 2C-C flowing through me but it feels like there is some impedance from the disso. I've been thinking of trying DPT lately and I can understand why people would want the disso there, it's almost like there's too much energy flowing through you without it. But with this 2C-C it's feels so good I want all of it to flow through me.

    I sit there with open my palms upward. It's like I can feel the universe/energy/whatever-you-like-to-call-it flowing into me. When I close my palms it stops. So I sit there with them open. And my whole body starts to shake. Normally if I smoked too much weed this would be super uncomfortable but it wasn't at all. I guess some people might refer to this as a full body orgasm. This went on for at least for 30min, at a certain point it wasn't even enjoyable it just was. I thought about if this sensation would be more euphoric without the disso, "perhaps".

    Maybe its just I'm getting older but I feel like im starting to understand psychedelics more. I've probably tripped 30 times in the past, some of them very intense but it seems like the experiences were always in passing. Like dipping my toes in. These past few months I've been trying to get back into them and I would always want to go on a hike or walk while I"m on them. Which is cool, I mean they're great at enhancing stuff. I went on 4 hr hike on 2C-D going up 3,000 ft, it was incredible. But in a way, I feel like thats stuff is a metaphor for my running from the mental effects. Like tonight I just sat there and melted. And it was great, it might have been better if I hadn't had the disso.

    I also thought about how like an amish person might react on this. And whether or not this was appropriate behavior for an adult. And I came to the conclusion that it is, and I'm incredibly lucky to be one of the people who see the benefits of this class of drugs.

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    Nice man, thanks for sharing. Sounds like your life is about to get really interesting! I, too, consider myself very lucky to be one of the people who is able to utilize the benefit from psychedelics. 2C-C is a particularly great one.

    Lucky about getting the MXE. I actually have a dose or two left, stuck to a bag. I try to forget about that so I can use it with DPT or something.

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