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Thread: Mixing DMT LSD and MDMA?

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    Post Mixing DMT LSD and MDMA?

    I would like to know if this is ok. DMT is in a vape pen if it matters.

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    Yeah people candyflip on LSD/MDMA all the time. IMO the best experience is taking the MDMA roughly 3-3.5 hours after the dose of LSD so you are coming up after the crest of the LSD peak. Peaking on both at the same time has been fairly uncomfortable IME.

    Personally I only do this stuff at EDM shows as anything else, minus MDMA and couples therapy, would be a waste so I personally wouldnt want the sedating effects of DMT in that environment and the LSD/MDMA is incredible enough as it is that I would never see a reason to add anything else. That said, it wont hurt you

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    I've done it many times, in fact almost every time I candyflip/roll I'll smoke DMT (usually as it's wearing off, good way to end the night and it negates any comedown.)

    As far as I can tell, it's seemingly safe.

    It's a great time to use DMT too because the other two drugs allow for an easier transition to the DMT space.


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    Drugs combo chart says Low Risk and Good Synergy

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    Please tell me we arent just trusting a chart with extremely powerful drug combos...

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