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Thread: Testing mushrooms ehrlich reagent test?

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    Testing mushrooms ehrlich reagent test?

    Can you test is mushrooms are magic mushrooms with a ehrlich regent test. Or is there any test which I can use to identify magic mushroom

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    I do not believe there is. Are you talking about identifying wild specimens? A regent test is not the way to do that as far as I know, not according to the knowledge of mycologists and fungi enthusiasts who know their specimens.

    I don't think a plant identification app can work for mushrooms but I have to say don't try it unless you are with an experienced mycologist and even then only go by their knowledge of identification.

    I could be wrong, maybe there is a test.

    Very interesting read here then I will get back on topic:,

    I think we should legalize them regardless worldwide and labs could test then sell wild ones legally all over. An evolving society of open hearts and advancing minds.

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    The problem is that natural products tend to contain a very wide range of chemicals which can affect the outcome of a reagent test.

    Unfortunately it's hard to identify dried mushrooms accurately but when they are fresh there are many guides to picking the correct ones.
    Please use the Search & Index
    Please make sure you always reagent test your drugs. $10 is a small price to pay for peace of mind!

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