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Thread: Ritalin - Experienced - Ritalin Lines

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    Ritalin - Experienced - Ritalin Lines

    Total: 45 mg (9 pills)
    7:20 insufficated 4 5mg pills
    7:40 insufficated 2 5mg pills
    8:00 insufficated 1/2 5mg pill
    8:30 insufficated 1 1/2 5mg pill
    8:50 insufficated 1 5mg pill
    At around 7 I made plans to meet with my dealer to get some Ritalin. I ended up getting 45mg (9pills)
    When I finally walked home I was pretty excited. I took out the bag and counted em all up, all the tiny yellow 5mg pills. I crushed up 4 of them, made a fatty line and snorted it in one go. I didn?t feel much, like the last time I snorted Ritalin, I did a 25mg line and didn?t feel much. Earlier this day before school at 7:20am I chewed up 4 18mg (72mg) concerta, it was a very good high. Much more potent than 25mg rit.
    Anyway at 7:20 (20min) after snorting that big 20mg line I didn?t feel a whole lot, which I usually instantly feel things I snort. So I crushed up 2 more 5mg pills and snorted em. At this point a lot of the methylphenidate craving went away and some euphoria came in it?s place. I felt very energized, but it was late so there wasn?t anything to do. Not feeling as much as desired and out of boredom, crushed up the remaining 3 pills I was going to save for school (to rid the comedown, and have a just as good as today). I was thinking about saving some of the powder so I did just about 2.5mg. At 8:30 30 minutes later I realized I might as well get pretty high than just a lil energized with no cravings to get high, so I insufficated 7.5mg, I was feeling pretty good at that point. Although throughout most of the high, I?ve been having these sober-placebo effects. It?s very annoying and difficult to deal with, just trying to be high and have the worst kind of placebo. I?ve notice at this point, I write a lot and love to be productive. 20 minutes later (8:50) I sniffed 5mg more, and now 27min later I?m feeling pretty good. I feel as if the peak is gonna get stronger but I don?t know if the peaks already risen with the first couple doses.
    (9:25) 2 hours since first dose. 35 min since last dose. Pretty high, although I?d rather ketamine. It?s a different high, but ketamine seems a lot stronger, even in quarter of the pill doses. Still every so on these sober-placebo effects.
    (9:33) feeling pretty good, energized, euphoric. Just not looking forward to the comedown.

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    Hey, welcome, thanks for sharing. How often do you do methylphenidate (Ritalin/Concerta)?

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    Past 2 weeks, about once or twice a day anywhere from 4 18mg comcerta too 25mg Ritalin/ 45mg or 8 18mg concerta.

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    Careful dude, I got hooked that way and when I started shooting up morphine, the methylphenidate went IV as well.

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