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Thread: No effect from Heroin after 2nd day of use

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    No effect from Heroin after 2nd day of use

    Ok so im having something strange happen. The first day i use its fine i get the effects but then the next day its like my tolerance skyrocketsto the point where i barely get any effect. This is from the exact same batch too so it makes no sense. And while i do take bupe i waited 2 days before taking the heroin and have not had any since. It also makes no sense to be bupe as i got effects the first day. I dont understand what the problem could be.. Is it possible for tolerance to skyrocket this much after just one day? I used about 2.5 points the first day spread out over a day at about a quarter or half a point per shot but then the next day from another 2.5 points also spread out over a day i barely feel anything! Does anyone have any clue what could he going on? I have been unable to find any answers on search.

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    I assume that you have quite a lot of experience with opioids as you said you're on buprenorphine? If you used to have a high tolerance there's something called Tachyphylaxis, check out the Wikipedia article
    If that's the case I think your best bet is to use one day, take a one day break and then use again. But keep in mind that your breathing centrum might not be affected by Tachyphylaxis, so if you chase a high you might overdose without feeling much of a high

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