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Thread: Failed attempt to switch from oxy to sub

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    Failed attempt to switch from oxy to sub

    Considering that I get no high from opioids, it should be easy to stop it and switch to something else, like suboxone. However that may be the problem I just gave up at hour 37. The only symptoms that would match COWS and only mild to moderate were anxiety and some pain. I simply cannot go into withdrawal like every one else. I wanted to take some sub anyway but were too afraid. I caouldn't wait forever because anxiety was real bad. Now that I took oxy again still no high and still in anxiety just pain is better. what the hell?

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    dont take any more sub, it could put you in precipitated withdrawals.

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    But what to do? I cannot go days without reaching good withdrawal and be only on some pain and anxiety, fatigue.

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    The same for me, i screwed up a few times and went into precipitated wds, which technically is one way to switch though not recommended. What i did otherwise was to take very very small amounts of sub, like 1/8 to 1/4 of mg along with my opiates, quickly dropping the dose of opies and upping the sub. Good luck

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