Thread: Does kratom taken with 'real' opiods diminish, or eliminate, the 'real' opiod high?

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    Does kratom taken with 'real' opiods diminish, or eliminate, the 'real' opiod high? 
    Hey all-

    Long, long, long time daily kratom user here with a previous history of opiod addiction.

    Anyway, once in a long, long while I'll treat myself to a real opiod high, usually with oxycodone (Roxies).

    After 6 weeks, with the weather being nasty and my wife working, I decided to call my connect. He was short on my goodies, all I could score was 1 OP 20 and 5 Tylenol 3s.

    I figured I could supplement the small opiate dose with kratom, so I took 8 grams of good maeng da with the opiods.

    Mood improved, energy, all the normal kratom effects. NOTHING from the oxy or codeine.

    Does kratom displace other opiods from the receptor sites? I did not expect this; I figured the kratom would potentiate the OC and codeine.

    Any feedback appreciated - thank you.
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    Kratom does not diminish the effects of opioids. You are likely experiencing tolerance. Only a few opioids with specific pharmacological properties block the high from opioids. The only one that I know of is Buprenorphine.
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    I have used kratom, and other opiates at the same time for years, trust me, it doesent detract from the opiate high. It adds to it.
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