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Thread: Espranor Buprenorphine

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    Espranor Buprenorphine

    Hi Every one Posted this in a few places As i have just joined this site Just after some info I was on subutex But they have changed me to Same type of drug Espranor It because there cheaper But Espranor has to go on the top of your tongue Not under it But with the 8 mils They do take time to desolve Even though it says It takes take 15 seconds to 2mins It takes 10 mins for me Can be much longer They are a round wafer type tablet They have been made To go on top of your tongue So the pharmacist Can check its been took correct For people on daily pick up And its supposed to be a faster dissolving drug What i want to know is Could i put it under my tongue Will it still work the same If any one can let me know this I would be very grateful Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to Bluelight radish187!

    I am fairly confident that over or under will tongue will make no difference.

    Do you have any hobbies outside of drugs? Would love to hear about them

    Thanks for joining the team!
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