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Thread: Enactogens via blotter

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    Question Enactogens via blotter

    What enactogens are typically delivered via a blotter? If any?


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    25C-NBome was fairly entactogenic for me when I tried it, in fact moreso than MDMA. But when I use that term I'm talking strictly about the tactile effects and not using it to describe what I would typically call empathogens. (Obviously MDMA is the better empathogen.)

    Could you clarify how you were using that term to better answer your question? If you meant effects similar to say MDXX then I'd say not really, I've yet to hear of any. Maybe certain lysergamides at the right set n setting.


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    Thanks for the reply. I am thinking about effects that are associated with MDXX such as openness, empathy, connection,etc. My experience with MDXX was over 10 years ago and more recently I have had the chance to experience 6-apb, which I am enamoured with but it is not possible to obtain in my locale. I have experienced somewhat enactogenic qualities from ETH-LAD and it seems that AL-LAD is very difficult to find these days, though that seems to be even more along the lines of what I am interested in.

    Overall, is it that currently enactogens/empathogens are coming forms that require ~10^2 mg to be effective?

    I will look up 25C-NBome.

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