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Thread: Relapsed after successful rehab

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    Relapsed after successful rehab

    Hi guys,
    I was addicted to heroin for last 3 years smoking about 3-4 bags a day. Last June I went to rehab and got discharged at September. Unfortunately last 2 weeks I've been using heroin again and I made up my mind to stop it before it's too late. It's been 30+ hours after my last use and I'm getting whitdrawal of cold chills, runny nose and yawning a lot. Is my whitdrawal going to be even more worse? Using heroin for 2 weeks after 5 months clean. I'm worried because my whitdrawal at rehab was so bad that I was vomitting nonstop and couldn't eat/sleep for weeks. Any advice or information would be appreciated. Thanks. Sorry for my bad English.

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    Hi Recoverygarchu,

    I am afraid your withdrawal might get worse, but I imagine it won't be nearly as bad as quitting after using for 3 years. Maybe you want to taper off instead of quit cold turkey?

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    There are options:
    Look for them on bluelight.
    I could name a few but there has been plenty posted on this.
    kratom if possible but many other valid options

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    Hey Recoverygarchu, welcome to Bluelight. Have you checked out the Sober Living or Recovery Support Forums sub forums yet? There's lots of support available there.

    You've got this!

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