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    New member, long time reader

    Hello there community of Bluelight Mr.Heffo94 here. I've been reading the forums for quite a while now and have finally decided to take the plunge and become a member. Got some hugely beneficial information over the past few years which i'm sure i'll get some more and hope to contribute some too. I'm from the island of Ireland and currently working but hope to be back in college sometime this year all things going well.

    Well, i'm here probably like us all as I have a huge love and great experience with drugs, from Marijuana to Ecstasy to Benzodiazapines to Heroin. I have tried them all and still continue to do so on a fairly regular basis and i'm pretty happy doing so. I look forward to chatting to each and every member who is a part of this fabulous community and hope to be able to gain help and help others through my past amd future experiences with all the wonderful mind altering substances this world has to offer.

    Will be posting on the regular forums wh9ch catch my attention from here on out and hope to be hearing from you all out there. Until then I look forward to this new experience and i'm pretty sure Bluelight will soon become like my 2nd home. Peace Out, One Love ♡♡♡

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    Hello Mr.Heffo94,

    Glad you decided to join the family

    It's a balancing act - work, school and drugs. One can be a functioning drug user, but it does cause obvious impairment. Hopefully we can help you manage this thing we call life, if that is in fact part of the reason you're here, and will be looking forward to seeing your contributions as well

    Cheers to Ireland, and welcome to Bluelight!
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