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Thread: Headaches from jumping out of suboxone entirely at 1.5mg persist now on oxycodone-CR

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    Headaches from jumping out of suboxone entirely at 1.5mg persist now on oxycodone-CR

    So, after years, 7, last summer, I was given the ok to the pain clinic and they waited for me to get off the bupe and return to a more normal brain state with a regular opiate, I get generic oxy 60's, Apotex Oxycodone-CR 60mg every 12 hours. I proved my ass off at the ORT clinic that I ended up at their clinic in the first place due to losing a doctor to retirement and then leaning on the black market for my oxycontin 20s, it's all I needed, of course I left the ^^^^^^^^ with a higher tolerance than when I got in.

    I got some really crazy headaches, adding insult to injury, often when waking up when I was at low sub doses (2mg and less) and they're persisting. Oxycodone never made me sick ever, at least if I didn't take too much, a 40 would wreck me back then, I got myself off opiates with 3 80's I just ate pieces off from a year before getting on Subs, only because all I could find was hydromorphone, IR or Contin which really is one hell of a waste to eat...

    I feel those headaches like how they were with suboxone, i can differentiate a suboxone headache from other kinds of headaches..but it's been since october I'm off it and I'll still get that deep upper back of the head headaches which when I wake up feeling, it goes away by itself after some time, 30 minutes, I don't drink coffee, but I eat well, always have breakfast and after that I'll have a pepsi or whatever soda that has caffeine in it.

    So what's going on here? Is it just a caffeine withdrawal headache you hear about from mostly women who drink a lot of coffee, who get rebound headaches in the morning until they have their coffee or the bupe's ultra-stickiness to its binding sites for 6 years everyday messed up my natural endorphin/enkephalin(sic) receptors for life? I've read such theories here in the past in ADD, it's been really great to get off that suboxone brain-fog that persisted well into my pain clinic oxycontin induction, being given 15's of OxyNeos for the first few weeks before bending to my insurance and bumping the dose up as expected to generic 60's. I would think all bupe lingering-effects to have been gone by now.

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    The brain does fight back to be normal at times.
    But it seems to go back and forth to the PAWS.

    There is always a good chance that the brain can be fixed
    but you probably should just avoid going into shock with a long smooth
    and a slowly stopped process.

    I would just go with trying to find a the mildest landing
    pad as possible. Try for the best conditions with a smooth landing.

    Too much trauma from long term heavy dosing schedules
    can require and need a longer healing period.

    Just limit yourself to finding that one remedy and work
    toward your accomplishments of your resulting goal and
    head toward that direction and stay on focus !!!

    It is not how well you don't do,

    but how good you really can

    and keep up with what is a strong

    mind and body !

    and Experience can be power and confidence
    to help and make it through.

    Wisdom becomes kowledge when it is
    personal experience.
    May you have faith in your worth
    and act with Wisdom
    May your inner self be
    happy and secure !

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    It could be the bupe or caffeine. If you were working on tension headaches for awhile due to all the mental fuckery that was going on, then they would probably last awhile even after you stopped the medication that was causing it.

    You could try a caffeine containing headache medication to see if that alleviates any symptoms. Usually a short run with those can clear up non serious tension headaches.

    Only because I have seen you here for a very long time would I theoretically suggest Fioricet, but that may be problematic due to the fact you use opiates. That is not a recommendation, but an idea.

    Simply drinking some caffeine (even decaf has 5 - 15 mg caffeine) might show if it is due to caffeine withdrawal.

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    Thanks guys. In the end it was persisting malaise from getting rid of strep and sinusitis with Amoxicilin/Clavulinic Acid 875/125 I had to take for 7 days. I used highly probiotic drinking Yogurt and ate yogurt and probiotic pills and by the beginning of February I feel fine now. It's really my first time noticing persisting side effects from an antibiotic for so long because otherwise I didn't notice it when taking it, but apparently it can go on for weeks.

    It's not the caffeine, I drink a single can of that "satanic" (if you know what I mean, hah) Mountain Dew : Code Red a day after breakfast, I know most people would find any soda disgusting in the morning, but after I brushed my teeth and then had breakfast (I really hate waking up and finding out your mouth tastes bad, I thought I was rid of this since over a decade but it's shown back up big time when I had strep throat and didn't really know because of the Oxycontin, my throat was inflamed and I didn't feel much pain, just kept spitting out white extremely sticky stuff from my throat. Now when I touch my throat it's like, woah, that thing was really swollen. Well it was strep throat or laryngitis...likely both, I'm not even sure what strep throat is, we likely just call it "infection de la gorge" in french Canada.

    Cheers to you two.

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