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Thread: Meth addiction/withdrawal

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    Meth addiction/withdrawal

    I'm no stranger to drug addiction, having been addicted to opiates. I kicked my habit long ago, although I'm still on Suboxone so I guess I haven't really "kicked" anything. Anyway, this isn't about me; my friend is currently addicted to meth, and I have no first-hand experience with addiction to that substance. I never cared for it, and I only used ever used uppers with downers and when I did combine, I usually used MDMA. Point being, I have little experience with meth in general. I don't know when he started, but he's been addicted for ~6.5 months. He both snorts and smokes it to my knowledge, and recently tried to kick it, but relapsed on day ~5. Said the tiredness/fatigue was too intense, couldn't focus, was light-weight seeing things that weren't there, depressed/anxious, etc and that it was getting worse. I fully understand how shitty w/d can be and how easy it is to relapse, and I've constantly been trying to tell him to stop beating himself up for it. I know of no one who kicked an addiction the first try, and even if some people have, I know most don't. I didn't, clearly, or I wouldn't be on Suboxone.

    Anyway, my question is, what can he do? What can I do to help him? One concern is that he doesn't want to miss work for a week or two to detox, but I'm thinking he might have to. Has anyone tried going from methamphetamine to amphetamine e.g. adderall, and tapered themselves? I don't know if it would work, but I know opioid replacement works for opiates, so I don't know. I'm sure it would require some strict supervision and/or a hefty amount of willpower regardless. Or perhaps some supplements or something else? I'm going to see my sub doc soon and ask if he has any advice, but I don't know if he'll know much in the way of meth. So if anyone who has gone through meth addiction has any advice, anything you've taken or done to help kick it, how long the withdrawal lasted for you (I'm seeing varying timelines depending on where I go, a week, two weeks, etc.) or just any tips or whatever, I would appreciate any input. At this point all I can do is lend my support and understanding, but I'd like to be able to offer more than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by undertow13 View Post
    ...Has anyone tried going from methamphetamine to amphetamine e.g. adderall, and tapered themselves? I don't know if it would work,...
    Not a fan of stimulants but have experience with them.
    Not a doc by any means but I am pretty sure most serious side effects would not be an issue by replacing with adderall. Both are amphetamine so logic and reason gives me enough courage to go out on a limb and opine that this may work.
    Maybe others will chime in....

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    Replacing meth with a lighter weight amphetamine such as Adderall could help under medical supervision, but for an amphetamine abuser, it would be easy for them to simply abuse the Adderall.

    I agree with PtahTek in reference to the fact that others will eventually weigh in, but I would like to add my recent experience with amphetamine withdrawal.

    I recently was cut off due to pharmacist error and avoided the majority of withdrawal and crash by supplementing with DL-Phenylalanine.

    Long story short, Phenylalanine is a precursor to dopamine and a few other neurotransmitters in your brain.

    A good explanation of how it works can be found at this link .

    Your mileage may vary, but I avoided a crash and energy drain from supplementing with Phenylalanine. It didn't help much in the focusing department but helped everywhere else.

    I highly suggest you read up on this substance.

    On top of that, a body and mind that has used a heavy drug such as methamphetamine will need rest and nutrition to repair itself. There is no magic fix here. You simply help the body repair itself by being as healthy as you can be.

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    Thanks for the input man. Definitely gonna look into that. I know his main concern seems to be fighting through the fatigue/tiredness and the crash, so hopefully that will work for him too. I still think it'll be unavoidable for him to take off work for a bit too just to rest up but eh, oh well.

    Yeah, it would definitely require supervision for using adderall or something as a replacement for tapering-- I don't even know if doctors do that for amphetamines haha, just kinda thought about it since it works for opiates. I know withdrawal can't be bypassed entirely, but I think anything that can at least ease the symptoms would be helpful for him. Thanks again for the input.

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    Anyone else got some input whose gone through meth addiction/withdrawal?

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