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Thread: Writing about drugs you haven't done

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    Writing about drugs you haven't done

    Or rather, ways you haven't done them. I have a lot of experience with amphetamines. Mainly smoking and drinking meth, and popping a shit load of dextroamphetamine. And my protagonist also does.. But i've hit a bit of a dilemma. It makes sense for my protagonist to be partaking in extreme behaviour like intravenous use of meth, and I have known plenty of people who use it this way, one of my best friends, who thankfully has beaten it now. My question is, would it be disingenuous to describe my protagonists experience of shooting up if i haven't done it myself?

    Half of me is like well, besides the fact that it would be stronger, i have definitely felt the bright cool light of amphetamine intoxication, also having my best describe it vividly.

    And the other half is like, this could make me as the writer look lame.

    I do so however see fiction writing as acting and entering many experiences one will probably never undergo.

    Much appreciated for your replies in advance

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    I'm going to move this over to Drug Culture and wish you luck on your writing endeavor!

    Welcome to Bluelight!

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    I haven't done morning glory seeds or ayahuasca, except for trying the seeds but not eating enough to trip. I haven't done meth or research chemicals and of course I haven't tried every pharmaceutical or every psychoactive herb/ plant (although I have tried a lot).

    The one drug I am curious about (besides morning glory) that I haven't done is Khat.

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    Most journalists provide what are supposed to be facts on drugs, without ever having done them.

    You are writing fiction.

    So I would say it's far more acceptable than what journalists do.

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    I don't think it would be disingenuous to write about IV meth when you've done meth in general but not IV. If I were you i'd read some reports of IV meth experiences, that combined with your own experiences could make for something reasonably authentic.

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