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Thread: A lot of LSD = PTSD ? What did I do to my brain

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    A lot of LSD = PTSD ? What did I do to my brain

    I am visiting this site to ask a serious question, and hope to get honest opinions. That being said , I thank all of you that respond.
    I am 39 years old ( for real ) but I have lived 60 years . I have in that 60 year life span I dropped quite a bit of LSD , mescaline, 2cB and consumed a poop load of caps And stems. Never had a problem with it , but now I can only self diagnose my problems as PTSD anxiety excetera excetera. I rarely leave the house I even started my own business so I didn't have to deal with other people at work. When I do interact with people the anxiety makes me a FN oddball . I am very short with people. I avoid people I love all the time . To keep it short I like to keep it short. But am happy with it as long as I am by myself. That's all that matters. So my question is who else with a back ground of eating 100 hits at a time just to get off has problems dealing with ...... Let's keep it short , let's just say human interaction.
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    How unusual. So I am also 39 years old and I have taken insane amonts of LSD and eaten a shit ton of mushies. I tripped out for at least 3 years from age 15 untill I was about 18 1/2. My father passed away when I was 15. I was daddy's girl 100%. His death ruined me and I escaped reality for a long time. I only stopped because I found out I was pregnant. Today I was looking for info on stopping Suboxone and also long term effects of the brain after heavy heavy use of those drugs. I have tripped out so much that I seen every single thing ever and it's starting to wear on me mentally. Like now in my life at age 39 I'm tripping out and feel I'm losing touch with this reality. It's not like I'm going any where it's just I don't feel connected to this reality as much. I don't know, lost my thought train...

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    I dunno, for the last 17 years (I am 35), I have tripped untold numbers of times. I went through a stage in 2006-2007 where I ate psychedelics 3-5 times a week, sometimes even 7 days in a row. Of course my dosages ended up very high (not 100 hits at once though or even close), though since then I have reduced my amount of tripping a lot. I still do it more than most people though. I would say it has permanently affected me, but in my case it's been in a net positive way. I actually find it easier to relate to people and find joy in the small things in life, and have confidence in myself. I feel slightly perma-tripped, but in the sense that it's easy to find normal things very interesting, and the things I learned from the psychedelic experience are deeply ingrained in my worldview and are always there. That said, I have had frightening trips but I've never had a "bad trip" or one that made me feel traumatized.

    Did you have some traumatic experiences that have caused you to feel like you have PTSD? Or did it just happen even though your experiences were good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by **rusty** View Post
    So my question is who else with a back ground of eating 100 hits at a time just to get off has problems dealing with ...... Let's keep it short , let's just say human interaction.
    Is that a manner of speech, or do you actually mean you ingested 100 LSD hits in one or more occasion(s)?

    Also, do you have any kind of visual disturbances? Depression? Apathy? Anhedonia?

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    I too took as much as i could get and now suffer from ADHD,but i will never regret walking thru that door.
    My witness to domestic abuse triggered my ptsd and drugs kept me from suicide.

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    Drugs have the potential to make someone ungrounded and spacey but I don't think it's long term or permanent. I mean for like 99% of drugs users. For that small percent who do insane amounts, who knows. maybe the effects are different for people who do that amount.

    Then again, I've heard of people doing a "thumbprint" LSD dose back in the 1970's back when it was super pure LSD. and basically thats like 50,000-100,000 hits in one dose. Those people are the ones who might have life long effects, but yeah man, short of doing something as stupid as that I don't see any long term effects from my experience with drugs.

    Like after I quit doing drugs for a year, I was pretty much back to normal, despite some strong habits of isolation and anti-social behavior which formed after years of doing drugs by myself and isolating from other people.

    Even then, it was fairly easy to get myself to be social again. I just had to push myself out of the house and do it but it went away fairly quickly. And now I'm more social than ever.

    So yeah, I'd say that the net effect from the drugs I did was that I became more social and less traumatized. There was periods when I became extremely anti-social when I was recovering from years of drug abuse, but once I gave myself time to recover, and did the things necessary to recover (Like going out and being social, not retreating from society and allow myself to isolate to the extreme), and exercising, and eating well, and finding a good career, then I was fine.

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    BTW the brain gets better at whatever it does. And drugs might show you great things, like ways to heal yourself, but they do not heal you just because you take them. You have to employ practices and change your lifestyle/thoughts based on what you experience, otherwise there is no effects gained from psychedelics.

    So if you were anti-social, traumatized, anxious, before doing the drugs. And you just continued to do those things while on drugs. And now continue to do them even more after you've quit drugs.

    Well it's only natural for those tendencies to have gotten worse. You have to combat them in order for them to get better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lionheart90 View Post
    Then again, I've heard of people doing a "thumbprint" LSD dose back in the 1970's back when it was super pure LSD. and basically thats like 50,000-100,000 hits in one dose.
    You mean 50,000-100,000 mics, right? Which would be 50-100 hits. 10g is a bit much to stick to one thumb..

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    ^^^You mean 500-1000 hits. But your right on the other point.

    As to the OP, I do believe psychedelics make people less social and more isolated in the long run. At normal semi frequent dosing this effect isn?t pronounced and is beneficial as it?s a temporary moment to move further within and learn more about oneself. The problem arises when people keep wanting to go deeper in while neglecting everything on the outside.

    Can someone go so deep where they are permanently stuck? That seems to be a question people have had since psychedelics became a thing.


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    LSD gives you unnatural and synthetic oversight to processes in your brains. You?re able to redefine yourself at a deep level more quicky than one might be able to do sober. It?s not the lsd, you?re simply not integrating back into the right habits. If you want to avoid human interaction and live in a cave like a hermit, take lsd ask and ye shall receive!

    I?ve had about 100 trips and I operate in society just fine, you just have to use the headspace to construct a different ego rather than completely dissolve yourself into reality (I?ve done this and its unhealthy)

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