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Thread: Questions about ergotamine products and migraine headache

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    Questions about ergotamine products and migraine headache

    Are ergotamine products like cafergot etc still used in the US clinically? Does anyone have experiences using these products as prescribed to abort migraine headache?

    I know that the various triptan medications have largely replaced ergotamine (if not completely).

    This inquiry is regarding the treatment of migraine headache and has nothing to do with obtaining a precursor. Of course I am not seeking medical advice, just knowledge and experience.

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    Thanks Jekyl.
    Most of the clinical research I've found is 50+ years old. Desperate times have me thinking outside the box. If someone has failed trials with all the triptans available perhaps it's worth trying an ergotamine product.

    I personally don't know much about the similarities and differences between triptans and ergotamine products but intend to research as well as speak to the treating neurologist.
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    When I worked in retail pharmacy 12yrs ago we occasionally dispensed it.

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