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Thread: 2-chloromethamphetamine

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    I'm wondering.. since 2-FA and 2-FMA are banned in China, what about 2-chloro?

    My thinking is the chloro is the closest thing that's similar to fluoro I can think of to stick on the 2 position that hopefully wouldn't change the effects that much. 4-chloro is neurotoxic but I don't see why 2 would be? Since the effects of fluoro at 2 are close to the parent amphetamine.

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    I've never been able to find a complete list of controlled substances in China, so I've no idea whether 2-chloroamphetamine or 2-chloromethamphetamime are controlled there or not. I would say it's unlikely.

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    Synthetically, a 2-Cl is a difficult moiety to add in this case. Initially we tried 2-Cl & 2-F diphenidine and as you know, had to go with a 2-methoxy.

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    Reason i'm interested is because 2-FA/FMA were banned in China so we lost the cheap massive sources of 2-FMA which was really great stuff. Something similar would be great.. there isn't really anything that great out there right now functional stim wise. 2-FEA is out i believe but just not the same/not great.

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    Just know 3-FEA which is short lived (~2h with additional ~2h of residual stimulation) and pretty different, so I think 2-FEA will share the short duration - about effects I can't say, never managed to get 3-F(M)A.

    Sad that 2-FMA is gone now too, I found it to be better than dexamphetamine as a functional stimulant. Isopropylphenidate is decent too but probably also banned as of today..

    Personally I wouldn't touch 2-CMA when the 4- derivate is a strong neurotoxin (it's used to selectively kill neurons, in rats however and apparently has shown antidepressant effects in humans with no acute ill effects in a trial from a time when rules for human tests were more lax) but I'm interested if somebody knows about the backgrounds and might explain about the presumed safety/toxicity of that compound.

    Would love to see RC derivates of pemoline or methylaminorex.

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