Requests Bluelight drug icons project - community input wanted!

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Hello everyone!

EDIT 21 June 2023: We have prototypes of the 20 icons. We would love your input. At this stage please comment on how they can be improved, especially whether or not they don't match up with what's actually happening. Input by June 30 would be great! Here's the link you can comment on.

EDIT 4th May 2023: So, we are at the point of having the final 20 ideas with some left over for round 2 later (so if you come up with more ideas, please add to the comments and we will incorporate into next round). First off, I will be advising designers of the actual types of images we want to have depicted in the first instance. Once that process is complete, I'll offer prototypes to you all to check out and critique, so we can make them look as excellent as we can, as well as have them accurately depicting each thing based from your first-hand experiences. So, stay tuned everyone and thanks again. :)

As part of our rebranding project, we are going to create a...

News September is National Recovery Month

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September is National Recovery Month. Please join Bluelight in celebrating the proud community of recovery from addiction and mental illness that exists on this forum and all across the globe. Support for the practice of Harm Reduction, especially in the midst of a devastating overdose crisis in many parts of the world, is needed now more than ever. This makes Bluelight forum and the work we do here all the more important.

Here is an article from SAMHSA w/ a brief excerpt outlining the purpose of the month:

National Recovery Month (Recovery Month), which started in 1989, is a national observance held every September to promote and support new evidence-based treatment and recovery practices, the nation’s strong and proud recovery community, and the dedication of service providers and communities who make recovery in all its forms possible.

SAMHSA aims to increase public awareness surrounding mental health and addiction recovery. In the years since Recovery Month launched...

#endoverdose on International Overdose Awareness Day

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Today is a reminder to - as always - look after yourselves and your friends. Time to remember those we have lost, without stigma or shame. And time to campaign to reform our drug laws, as well as make harm reduction interventions (like drug checking and naloxone) more accessible. Check out for the full campaign!

⫸STICKY⫷ We Want YOU! v. Bluelight is Recruiting New Moderators

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Hey everyone!

Bluelight wants YOU to apply for the staff team and help us moderate the following subforums:
(Click the links for each forum’s respective application thread)

Social Media, Graphic Design, & Content Writing
North & South America Drug Discussion
European & African Drug Discussion
Australian & Asian Drug Discussion
Cannabis Discussion
Drug Culture
Sports & Gaming
Philosophy & Spirituality
Sports & Image Enhancing Drugs

Due to increasing activity in certain subforums (as well as Bluelight as a whole), we are looking to recruit some fresh blood for the staff team.

While moderating may seem intimidating to some, I can promise that it is fairly straightforward and I have the utmost trust that those of you who choose to apply will be able to learn the ropes fairly quickly.

The technical side of modding, while presumed by many to be difficult, is easy enough that anyone who is able to navigate around the forum comfortably should be more than fine. It’s all UI based...

RIP Ann Shulgin - "the Queen of Psychedelics"

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Rest in peace, Ann Shulgin, who co-authored the books "PiHKAL" and "TiKHAL" with her husband, psychedelic pioneer Alexander Shulgin. will continue to celebrate the amazing work of the Shulgins. Farewell Ann, may you be with Sasha once more.

Support Don't Punish

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  • 61 joins with many organisations around the world on June 26 for Support Don't Punish day.

SDP is a global advocacy campaign calling for drug policies based on health and human rights. It is time to leave behind harmful politics, ideology and prejudice. It is time to prioritise the health and welfare of people who use drugs, and their families and communities. Please visit to show your support.

⫸STICKY⫷ 📶 Bluelight Social Media Links + Discord #️⃣

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So, we have been undertaking and implementing a fairly ambitious endeavor to get Bluelight out there further into the cybersphere, and drive traffic to our forum.

BUT... we need your help spreading the word and building our presence. The louder we get, and the bigger our presence online, the more people finding the forum, and ultimately the more lives that are potentially saved.

It might not seem like a huge deal, and for some, it's not, it's more of a community to engage and discuss with. And that's perfectly fine. But for me, and many others, Bluelight's mission is important, life or death important. And I want to see this forum continue to thrive for years. We are already basically the "Coca-Cola" of Harm Reduction forums, but it's crucial that we don't let up momentum, and we continue to work towards building an even greater website and marching towards the future.

So please, do consider liking...

A new era of leadership for

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Bluelight has reached a point of importance in its existence, one that brings change which in turn can give a mixed feeling of hope and uncertainty. With Sebastians_ghost retiring and moving on in the real world, we thank him for all he's done in getting the site to a point of financial stability with a clear direction and purpose. As he steps down from his role of Executive Director, the torch is passed to his two closest allies in the effort to ensure Bluelight's mission is sustained and improved upon. In his place, @Tronica will assume the role of Executive Director, expanding her role from Director of Research to a new level of responsibility being the face for Bluelight in the real world. She will continue to coordinate with the Academic realm, while looking to expand our presence through other media and resources so as to extend our reach. Meanwhile, @TheLoveBandit, now Director of Site Operations, will serve as her right hand, managing the traditional site from both a...

News DRUGS - the musical - on the upcoming Overdose Awareness Day (31 August)

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Hello to the Bluelight community

On 31 August, it will be International Overdose Awareness Day. The tag line for this year's campaign is - Don't let a day go by without doing something to #endoverdose

It could mean having naloxone handy, or using a reagent test kit or fentanyl strip on your gear, or avoiding use when alone where you may not have someone able to call for help if things go wrong. It could be advocating for safe consumptions sites and drug checking services in your part of the world. Or just sharing solid harm reduction advice here at Bluelight.

Over the years, and especially the last 12 months, we've tragically seen some of our Bluelight friends die from overdose. So let's spread the word and look after each other as best we can - we know harm reduction can save lives.

And on that note, we want to let you know about a Canadian initiative supporting harm reduction called DRUGS the musical! It's a fundraiser for Canadian harm reduction groups, as well as an online...