Seven hidden costs of the ‘war on drugs’

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Saturday, June 30, 2012
By Cameron Ljubic

The Transform Drug Policy Foundation recently informed me of Count the Costs: 50 years of the war on drugs, a new online research tool developed to educate people on the need for drug law reform.

Comprising pf groups like the Drug Policy Alliance and the Beckley Foundation, International Doctors for Healthy Drug Policies, Count the Costs highlights seven key costs to society under current draconian drug policy initiatives. This collaborative effort of global organisations coincides with the 50th anniversary of the enacting of the 1961 UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

Obama's Second Term Drug Policy

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it doesnt matter what obama claims he wants to do with drug policy. you need to lead by example not with big promises. his first years in the white house have clearly shown what we will get with obama. more of the same

ADHD - is it that common? Does Adderall stop working?

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It is way over diagnosed, especially in the US. One of the issues is a lot of the diagnosis is taking place when a child is really young where there are many other factors in their life that can contribute to exhibiting some of the symptoms of ADHD/ADD. Also, there are a lot of other mental disorders that have many parallels with ADD/ADHD, resulting in a wrong diagnosis. This happens all the time and is why a lot of children or adolescents are on amphetamines, methylphenidate, strattera, lisdexamfetamine, SSRI's, SNRI's, etc. A lot of the children need a different approach and a different diagnosis. Also the education system in America is poorly run, creating "problem kids" who, they start to classify as ADD/ADHD, who really they need a different learning enviroment, as well as a different rewards/consequences system.

You see today that there is a large percentage of male students of all ages performing poorly in school, getting constantly in trouble, being classified as...

A study of online drug discussion

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Dear Bluelighters

Bluelight has been facilitating connections between researchers and drug-using research participants for many years now. If you haven't already seen Drug Studies, you should check it out to see what sorts of research is being conducted and how you can be involved.

One of the studies supported by Bluelight was my very own PhD thesis, which I submitted for examination only a few weeks ago. This year I have presented results from the thesis at a variety of conferences. I have recorded three of these presentations, which are available for public viewing on Vimeo.

My most recent presentation is called 'PMA sounds fun': Negotiating contested meanings of PMA in online settings. For my PhD, I participated in and observed 40 online forums where drugs were discussed, including Bluelight. This paper is about an event that occurred during the fieldwork period, the death of Annabel Catt from PMA (in a cap sold to her as ecstasy), and how this event was discussed by...

MAPS 25th Anniversary!

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Dear Bluelighters,

We wanted to give you all a heads-up that soon you should be receiving an email from Bluelight in regards to an exciting upcoming event. Cartographie Psychedelica will be the celebration of MAPS’ 25th Anniversary, held from the 8th – 12th December at the Oakland Marriot City Center, California. MAPS have had a very successful 25 years of psychedelics and medical marijuana research and education and will be celebrating with four full days of social events, workshops and seminars with many respected guest speakers. Tickets are on sale now.

We hope that some of you are able to attend this fantastic event to help celebrate MAPS’ excellent contributions in the field of drug research, and we wish MAPS another very successful 25 years and beyond.

Bluelight Administration

"From Neurons to Nirvana : Psychedelics in the 21st Century" Film

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Dear friends (and family) of Bluelight,

I hope this post finds everyone well, enjoying the last days of summer (or winter, for all our friends in the Southern hemisphere). ☺

I want to first say thanks to all of you for your patience during the recent upgrades, with special appreciation to our engineers, Hoptis and Chr15. Without their efforts the daily operations of this site would have come to a screeching halt long ago. It’s exciting and humbling to know we have so many talented people dedicating their free time and expertise to make Bluelight the powerful resource (not to mention fun place) that it is today.

That being said, it is now my pleasure to share some exciting news regarding a landmark opportunity for all of us at Bluelight.

As many of you know, TheLoveBandit and I have been investing a great deal of time analyzing Bluelight’s strengths, potential and opportunities for improvement as we plot a course for our community going forward. Building on...

Welcome to the new Bluelight

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TheLoveBandit tells me that this is version four of Bluelight, some of you with longer memories may be able to tell us exactly which version this is.

Firstly, immense apologies for the delay, we expected to be back a few days ago at the latest but teething issues meant that it's stretched out to now. Please understand that Bluelight hasn't undergone a major upgrade like this in a Very Long Time and that this update was desperately needed. Secondly a huge amount of thanks to chr1.5 and hoptis, we could not have done this without their efforts and also to all the senior staff involved. Thirdly, a huge thanks to our hosting provider who not only helped in setting up the new server but were available to us at all hours.

In regards to hardware, the site has been moved to a new server with a much faster disk. What this means is that hopefully we'll see an end to the lagging and timeout issues plaguing Bluelight for at least the last twelve months. The board software has also...