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Bluelight continues to add new features to the site in an effort to make the site a richer community experience for all of you. As such we are introducing a new feature that you are used to on many other social sites - the LIKE. Or, more broadly, we are launching reactions to posts as shown below. To give a reactions, simply click on the "Like" in the bottom right of a post, and to remove or change it you can tap on it again.

What does it mean?

In this image, area 1 shows you a post awaiting some reaction (like) and a post with a 'Like' reaction. Area 2 shows you, once you click on a user, their profile now includes their cumulative reaction score. Area 3 does not give you the reaction score, you would have to look at the profile info in 2.

If you wish to remove a reaction you gave to a post, simply tap on it a second time and it is removed if you are using your phone. For desktop, if you hover over the reaction, it will popup with all available...


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One feature many users came to love over the years was a BLOG, or personal journal, whereby they could keep a diary of sorts for their friends to know what they are up to and provide feedback more personally than in a public forum thread. We have imported all the old BLOG entries from the old site and gotten them working in our new Xenforo system. There is now a link to BLOGS on the top navbar for quick access, and the BLOGS are open for new personal postings and replies! The same BLUA rules govern BLOGS and we do have dedicated staff to moderate that section of the board (Hi Mel22! ? ). We encourage all members to go check it out!

VICE- How ‘Bluelight’ Became a Life-Saving Encyclopedia of Drug Info

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Howdy all,

This is an article from Vice discussing the prominent role Bluelight has played among the online harm reduction community over the last 20 years. The article details a little bit of the site's history, and includes some awesome contributions from our valuable members. Please read it and share it with anyone you think might be interested in it :)

Firstly, a big thank-you to the author, Sam Nichols, for an interesting and well-written piece; secondly to the members who contributed valuable time and insight- and last, but not least, a HUGE THANKYOU to all of our members past and present who are the lifeblood of this place- without you all, Bluelight would never have thrived for as long as it has. In the face of pretty overwhelming 'competition', 20 years is pretty astounding- let's hope for thousands more! :p:alien:

How ‘Bluelight’ Became a Life-Saving Encyclopedia of Drug Info

The internet's largest forum for drug discussion started life in the 90s as a message board...

Downtime This April 2nd-3rd For Upgrade & Relaunch

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As some of you may have noticed, Bluelight is currently falling apart.

I sense a chorus of agreement so we felt that rather than continuing to use outdated forum software, it is high time to upgrade. This plan has been some time in the making, and it pleases us to be able to announce that the time is NOW %) Well, the time is Tuesday 02/04/2019. On that date, Bluelight will be offline for 24-48hrs. During this time, we will be migrating our entire database over to a new home using new forum software provided by Xenforo.

If everything runs smoothly, we anticipate being back again and open for business no later 04/03/2019.

You will of course notice some significant stylistic and functional changes at our new home but you will still find your old friends and forums there.

See you on the other side :)

Come Play London's Gangster Stars

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Come Play A Game With Us In The Bluelight Lounge Called:


What happens to FAM when the top dog goes to jail?

To find out, and play the game, drop your dildoes and CLICK HERE

Take Part In Research About Bluelighters

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Dear Bluelighters

Are YOU Willing To Take Part In Some Exciting New Research About Bluelight?

Researchers from Lehigh University are looking for participants from this site who are prepared to talk about their experience of using

They're interested in the ways in which the technological design of our site affects your goals and behaviours, including your attitudes towards privacy here, and the ways you manage your personal information.

If you're interested and would like to read more or to take part, please CLICK HERE

Photo Contest 398 - The Light and The Dark

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Hello Bluelighters!

Come visit our arts and advice forum, called LAVA, and participate in one of Bluelight's regular photo contests.

This round's theme is:


As selected by last round's contest champ chinup, who also won the snazzy custom title "Lady of Light". All hail!

The victor in this round earns a custom title too!

CLICK HERE to check out this round's entries and enter a photo of your own

Contest open to all members. Just post your picture in the thread.

Final date for submissions is May 15th. Public voting will open from May 15th through May 30th. Good luck all!

The 2019 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge!

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Click below to join the Bluelight2019 group on ESPN.

Password: "march"
Max Entries: 3


Selection Sunday is this Sunday, March 17. You will not be able to fill out your bracket(s) until then. You can, however, register your name and join the group right now. The deadline for all entries is Thursday, March 21. Scoring rules are outlined below.


a. General.
The objective of the challenge is to accumulate the most points by correctly selecting the "winning pick" for each of the sixty-three (63) match-ups associated with the Tournament.

b. How to make your selections.
You may enter your selections online by following the instructions in the How to Play section of the game.

c. Scoring.
A correct pick in a given round is shown below:

Round 2: 10 points per pick
Round 3: 20 points per pick
Round 4: 40 points per pick
Round 5: 80 points per pick
Round 6...

Bluelight Shrine

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nice one guys!

Festivus Forum - Holiday Season gathering

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We would like to thank everyone for their observation and participation in this special forum. It has now been closed, the banner taken down, and all accounts are being returned to normal titles (please allow a few days for the system to process these - if you still see some elves or nice-list titles later in the month, simply REPORT a post by that account and we'll check into fixing them). We will review when the next opportunity may be to employ such a global celebration forum :)