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Bluelight Crew
Aug 8, 2018
New England
Last night I was with a coworker and my girl. My coworker pulled a coyote ugly move and poured water on himself and starting dancing with these dope forearm tattoos that he doesn't have. My girl was really impressed. Then this high school hoe shamed me on FB for an unrelated reason. I felt so bad. Everyone thought I was an asshole. So me my girl and coworker went to the zoo to release rare monkeys. I told the high school hoe about it on FB and everyones like okay word he's cool.

Movings this here.

It's 3am just had another strange dream.

I was eating blueberries. They were perfect not too big and soggy. I was in a writing competition at high school and was like middle of the pack, slacking, and mostly just wanted more blueberries. So I left and went downtown, and along the way my dad said he was coming over my place. So I tried to find the blueberries faster.. I ended up at my schoolmates house. His dad coached the red sox when I was in elementary school. His mom was real hot.. trophy wife. I walked by his mom and dad and went straight to their outdoor pool. I was doing flips n stuff trying to record myself on my phone.. one time I forgot to throw my phone on the side of the pool before jumping in and it fell in the water. Didn't break, so it was real water proof. Ok so Dana's house was the last (and only) house I remember going to. I needed to hurry home, but stopped at Papa Gino's with my girlfriend who literally comes out of nowhere. Not sure if she was at the restaurant already, or what, but we got 2 huge things of bread sticks for $1 each. I sorta wanted blueberries though but whatever I got food and my dad was there in line behind us... Totally oblivious to me, and with some weird kid my age with long "emo" hair. So I rushed home, and then I woke up


Bluelight Crew
Jan 22, 2011
Fun one last night. I was looking for crystal meth and was given a dealer's address by somebody and it ended up being in the city where I went to high school. When I showed up the guy remembered me, although I didn't recognize him. He told me that I'd shown him such a good time in 2010 (specifically, 2010) that he would give me some for free. So he gave me a nice-sized rock, generally spherical instead of elongated like the crystal I've come across in real life. I smoked it with some friends and was dream-high (being high in dreams can be pretty weird). I don't remember much of the rest but at one point I was driving a bunch of stimmed-up folks around in a packed car.


Mar 25, 2021
July 16-17, 2022: "Dad Being Mean/Lucid Bedroom"

My dad was being really nasty to me. He said that I would either die or go to jail from taking kratom, and that my mom hated me for doing it. He was saying crazy things, like I should just move to Florida and smoke weed because Mitt Romney was legalizing it there. He told me that someone had a cat named Blue Danube and he wanted to eat it. Some Christmas-themed commercial came on the TV that apparently used to scare me for some reason, and he taunted me by saying, "Hey look, your favorite commercial is on!".

In my bedroom, there was steam and water coming from my appliances and I couldn't turn them off of get it to stop. That made me realize that I was dreaming and I flew out of my room, which led me to the back room of some store. I ended up flying through the mall and landed to make out with some random woman, but that's where the dream ended (as most of my good lucid ones do).

July 17-18, 2022: "Cottage/Back in Time"

I was living in my grandfather's old cottage because it had been abandoned, but it was in really poor condition. The floorboards were caving in and water was leaking everywhere. There were other people living there too, and I couldn't find a place to sleep. I tried lying in a hallway but everybody kept walking over me. I kissed an Asian woman who thought that it meant we were in a committed relationship. When I told her that I didn't want to get that serious, she threw a knife at me and it stuck in the wall.

The very first Subway sandwich restaurant from 1965 was being restored, and I was helping create the displays. It started to become more like I had actually stepped back in time, and everything (cars, etc.) looked as though it would have back then. I walked downtown and everything still looked like the past, but apparently it was a re-creation for some movie or documentary that they were filming.

July 18-19, 2022: "War with Canada/Mentally Challenged Dude"

The U.S. was at war with Canada (partly England at one point) and they were controlling what we were allowed to eat. Authorities were literally coming into homes and replacing our groceries with theirs. I hid a box of pizza because I knew that I would get in trouble for having it.

A mentally challenged (Down's Syndrome?) man wanted to join the military, and his family was giving him a hard time because they didn't think that he could do it. They gave the example that he didn't even know who David Bowie was. He actually seemed very bright and I felt bad for him. I also learned that he had been badly abused as a child, and someone showed me a wooden structure covered in nails that he had been chained to or something. Sad.

Sweet Dreams!!!