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Dec 25, 2003
Oh, glorious day, it's poetry contest time!

Here are the conditions:
  • 34-line maximum
  • Entries must remain anonymous until the contest ends
  • One entry per user
  • Please send them in a private message to me
  • It ends 10th February 2024, at midnight PST
We are offering a custom title to the winner, so there's an extra incentive there!

I hope to see a lot of entries!

If you need a prompt:
  • Write a poem about the power of language to transform minds and hearts.
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Untitled #1

Two lines, 4 words only. Last word of first and second lines must rhyme. When I said low standards I meant that it's non Bobby Frost quality. The rudeness can certainly come later :cool:. Here goes, starting simple.

My life,
no wife

There, very polite but not gonna win any prize. AN example of something close, but no cigar would be

Love Ukraine
Russia blame

Because the last syllables of Ukraine and blame do not match, although they sound rhymey.

Eat cheese
giant wheeze

The last two words of each line match according to my description but it's nonsensical it that's it's not a linear or particularly informative 2 line poem (I would ask myself if the guy has an allergy to cheese or some kind of pre-existing cough). Leaving the reader to puzzle. It should be a gut punch of informative description that screams 'Get this guy to a doctor quick'. :ROFLMAO: Alcohol fuelled this one a long time ago


you ask me not to ash my cigarette so forcefully

i try to apologize but it’s been so long since i’ve spoken that nothing comes out

i don’t try saying it a second time and it feels like i’m ignoring you

but i do try to be more mindful of the noise

we’re both crying

Untitled #2

Stop searching, for the answer has been actualized
From the inside it has already been realized
Search and you will find
The solidarity of mind

Glass Hearts

Heaven's western wind lost intense eyes on silent goodbyes.

Because it’s hard to say, “Oh well, OK.”

Talk about it. Discuss? Even arguing is better than nothing.

I am unable to climb mountains in braille.

The attempts were rotten, plotting a 20-foot drop.

Do you recall simply grasping hands?

Why was I so certain? Supplied errors?

Fallen from grace or suckers for slowly leaving?

You kept me alive; I can’t resuscitate or participate any longer.

It's a glass house, a stone throw, and a drop-in.

Define God. Polar opposite.

Have you vanished? Lasting?

Love is lost, blooming on a grave.

Roses in black silk laud a call—a Hallmark-approved moment.

Has existence ever been so bittersweet?

Safety Sea, true twenty-two-stricken disgust.

Sliced lips, dirty quips.

Complete, a secured “investment.”


they enter your mind
twisting open the faucet
mainlining the worst looking vein
words become your thoughts
crawling across your mind
without them you would be alone
they travel in undocumented groups
guiding you home at night
the insane have plenty for everyone
the most insane have run out of them
describing a mixture of poisons
you will hear an endless amount of them
just before you hit the water
giving eulogy to the wayward mouse
or a caption below a funny cartoon
they will be the most famous ever spoken
and the last thing you will ever hear;
a bunch of wildly inarticulate,
beautifully deadly
the only hope you've ever had to describe any of this.

Untitled #3

BAD apples, clean carrots for the win
Bathtub gin consume the oxygen
I’ve grown tired of breathing
But that don’t mean I’m leaving.
Rewind the site and stage a fight
Then think it through a sleepless night
Hyrule will command otherwise
There’s plenty of room for compromise.

A Soak in the Forest​

A walk along

A pine needle carpet

Changes everything

In the home of crusty

Bark lined spirits

Whose tops sing

With the breeze

I need to learn

The type of moss

That dresses their branches

Is it lichen that colors

The granite a sagely mint

That could never really

Be recreated

Is it Birch? Or Aspen?

That grow together?

With their white paper


The perfect highlight

Amongst the browns

And greens and grays

Of the forest

How do you tell a space



This is a space that

Doesn’t wonder, or fret

What I felt in return

To shouting such gratitude

Was an omnipresent

Ebb and flow of breath…
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