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Dec 25, 2003
Thank you for coming to the Words forum!

We want to welcome all of you to the Words forum and thank you in advance for taking the time to read the guidelines, which are intended to make your visits here stress-free and more enjoyable.

Here are the guidelines:

As of September 2006, the Words forum's focus has been broadened to incorporate more discussion of words-related topics. This means that threads regarding writing, writers, books, writing events, the publishing industry, and virtually anything related to words will be openly encouraged. So if you’re an aspiring writer, feel free to start a discussion about writing techniques, resources for writers, or publishing opportunities. Or, if you’re an avid reader of Sci-Fi, feel free to start a thread about your favourite Sci-Fi novels. If you have a question about grammar or English usage, start a thread about it... or anything else you’d like to talk about that relates to words! Note that we will continue to support writers posting their own work as we always have done in this forum.

Words is partly made up of people's personal poetry and personal written work. It is also made up of work done by others that people choose to share. So if you post something you did not write (e.g., if you copied it out of a book, magazine, song lyric, forwarded e-mail, etc.), give credit to whoever wrote it, or at the very least acknowledge where you got it from. Please do not take credit for other people's work!

The moderators would like to keep the atmosphere in this forum as POSITIVE as possible. We don’t want to discourage anyone from posting, and we understand that some matters are very personal and may be difficult for people to post. Therefore, please only reply when you can do so in a POSITIVE manner. If you don’t like a piece of writing, then move on. Negative comments will be modified or deleted as the moderators see fit. Our guiding principle is to keep drama to a minimum.

If you have a piece of work that you WOULD LIKE to have critiqued, and you are open to ALL FORMS of constructive criticism, then we encourage you to put “PLEASE CRITIQUE” either in your title or at the top of your post. We will do our best to offer you suggestions.

Do not ask people to read your work (such as putting “read me!” or “read and reply!”, etc., in the title of your thread). If people want to read your work, they will! People often read a thread but don't reply because they don't really know what to say or don’t want to reply. It’s their call, so please don't badger people into reading your stuff! If you don’t always get replies, this doesn’t mean no one is reading your work. At the end of the day, what you get out of the forum depends on how much you put into it. If you take the time to respond to other people’s work, they’re much more likely to respond to yours! “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

To accommodate the many writers in our forum, please limit yourself to 6 threads on the front page created by you to showcase your own work. No one wants to open the forum and see one person’s name dominating the front page, so please share the spotlight with others, and be patient! Wait until one or more of your threads disappear from the front page before posting more. If you violate this guideline, your excess threads will be moved to the Deleted Messages forum, and you will be sent a Private Message asking you to repost them once you are below 6. We understand that old threads get bumped up from time to time, and it may put you over that limit, and we WILL consider this. And the rule only applies to threads started by you, so if you post in a thread called "Post a haiku," where the thread's point is for different people to post haikus, then this isn't counted towards the limit. Threads that don't showcase your own work aren’t counted towards this limit (e.g., if you start a thread about your favourite author to discuss their books).

We have created a central place for people to post song lyrics. It is a continuing thread called “Lyrics That Appeal to you Today!” Please post all your song lyrics here to have more room for original works to be posted in new threads.

Please take care if you decide to do this, and remember that your definition of “harmless” or “lighthearted” may differ from someone else’s. If you intend something as a joke, it’s best to make this clear, especially if what you write could be taken “the wrong way.” Or better still, don’t post it at all if you’re in doubt. Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated, no matter how “veiled” or subtle they are, and no matter what form they take (poetry included!). If we suspect this is going on, we reserve the right to delete posts and take action as we see fit. And professing your undying love for another Bluelighter might seem like a good idea at the time, but how will you feel about it in the morning? ;)

We have zero-tolerance for any rules that are broken out of malice or ill intent in this forum. So behave, or we will use the means to get medieval! No bullshit period! NO exceptions.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a serious concern about a member of this forum. We treat all of you with care and concern in this forum and take heart if there might be a concern. If you feel the need to talk to either one of us, we will respond to all Private Messages as soon as possible. Note that Greenlighters (members with less than 50 posts) cannot send Private Messages.

We are all here because we enjoy being here. This is a volunteer job that we have chosen to do. We do it for the love of the poetry, lyrics, and prose written here, and we thank you for sharing each one of your contributions with everyone who ventures to this forum.

We hope you enjoy your time here as much as we enjoy reading, replying, and sharing with you all in return.

We have nothing but appreciation for all of you.

Thank you,
Words Team
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