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Welcome to Life Advice & Visual Arts!

Life Advice & Visual Arts is a forum which is designed to house all focused off-topic discussions. Topics discussed may include, but are not limited to: everyday life issues, art, photography, travel advice, pets, cars, etc.

Life Advice & Visual Arts is a place where you are encouraged to:

  • Request advice, constructive opinions and/or experiences from other members
  • Share advice, constructive opinions, experiences and/or feedback with other members
  • Share your own creative original works or appropriately cited works of art
  • Discuss different art mediums and sharing artistic techniques
  • Create constructive and positive interaction with other members
Threads should be made in the interest of generating meaningful discussion by asking for and sharing advice, opinions or experiences. Original or cited artwork and photos can also be shared by either adding to the appropriate on-going thread or, if there is an art-related topic not yet in discussion, please feel free to begin a new thread.

Life Advice & Visual Arts' Posting Guidelines

SUB-FORUM APPROPRIATE CONTENT - Discussion of art that already has a designated sub-forum -- such as film, creative writing, and music -- does not belong in Life Advice & Visual Arts. Discussion of all other art (e.g. painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, dance, etc.) does. If you are not 100 percent sure if your art-related topic belongs in Life Advice & Visual Arts, just go ahead and post it. Assuming it does not violate any other guidelines, it will be deemed appropriate or moved to the appropriate sub-forum for you by the ever pleasant and helpful staff.

PLAGIARISM - Do not enter a photo that is not your own into the Bluelight Photo Contest. Any other intentional disruption of the photo contest is in violation of these guidelines. Discretion is in the hands of staff.

NO DRUG DISCUSSION - As Bluelight as whole is related to this, mention of drugs in passing conversation is okay. However: All threads/posts relating specifically to drugs in a manner that ask serious questions about them will be moved to the appropriate forum. (Note: Alcohol & Tobacco discussion is allowed.)

RESPECT FOR OTHERS - No posts that are blatantly offensive, rude, disrespectful, abusive, hateful, harassing, racist, threatening or otherwise obnoxious to other members. Trolling will not be tolerated. Posts must be of a constructive nature. Exceedingly long, ranting posts that discourage discussion and interaction are not appropriate; please use the Blogs section of your profile if you simply need to cleanse your conscience.

USE THE SEARCH ENGINE - Before starting a new thread, please use the search function on Bluelight to see if there is already a thread on the same topic in Life Advice & Visual Arts. If there is, add to it. If there isn't, start a new thread. Also, please do not bombard the forum with every question that comes to mind; Google it if it's a simple question that does not involve opinion.

ILLEGAL MATERIAL - Posting links to sites that offer or discuss ways to obtain drugs, drug paraphernalia or other illegal materials like pirated software/music etc is not allowed. Any links to external vendor sites of any description are considered spam and will be immediately removed.

LOCATION, LOCATION! - This is an international message board. If you require answers that are relevant to your area or country only, please be sure to state where you are located to ensure you receive quality replies.

BLUA - All general Bluelight rules apply to Life Advice & Visual Arts. Please read the Bluelight User Agreement prior to posting.

These guidelines are subject to change and the moderators will act at their discretion. Violation of these guidelines may result in warnings and/or infractions. Infractions can trigger a temporary ban of your account. Don't worry about that. Post and have fun. Don't be an asshole and you'll be fine.

If you're ever in any doubt about something you would like to post or something you have seen posted by other members, please do not hesitate to contact a moderator to ask :)

We hope that we've created a warm forum that invites good-natured discussion. Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome. The current Life Advice & Visual Arts moderator is @Mysterier . If you would like to communicate directly with him then please send him a PM.
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