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Bluelight Crew
Dec 9, 2009
Planet Sobriety



Check out our detailed selection of drug Megathreads below. Check for an existing Megathread before creating a new one. PM one of the OD moderators if you have any questions regarding Megathreads.


Cocaine Megathread
Crack Cocaine Megathread
Methamphetamine Info and IV Megathread
Buphedrone megathread spread your knowledge!
The Ethylphenidate Thread
Big Mephedrone thread
The Methiopropamine Megathread
The MDPV Megathread

The a-PHiP Megathread
2-FA Megathread
2-FMA Megathread
3-FA Megathread
4-FA Thread
The 4-MEC (4-Methylethcathinone) Megathread
Pentedrone Megathread
4-Fluoromethylphenidate (4F-MPH)


Etizolam Mega Thread v2
Phenazepam MegaThread
Benzo megathread v2.0
Pyrazolam Megathread
The Clonazolam (Clonitrazolam) thread


The Opioid Withdrawal Megathread and FAQ
Your Personal Opiate Withdrawal Arsenal Threadl
OxyNEO Megathread Anything and everything related to OxyNEO
The Reformulated Opana Megathread
Fentanyl Megathread and FAQ
The Big and Dandy Fentanyl Analogues Thread - Acetylfentanyl/Butyrfentanyl
Suboxone/Buprenorphine Megathread and FAQ v.19
The (not so) New Suboxone Films Thread v. 2.0
Methadone Mega Thread and FAQ v2.0
Oxycodone IR Mega Thread v2.0
**Methadone VS Suboxone Mega Merged Thread**
Dilaudid hydromorphone MEGA THREAD and FAQ
Heroin Mega Thread and FAQ
Morphine Mega Thread and FAQS
The Ultimate Opiate Potentiation Thread v2.0
Ultimate Poppy Pod Seed Tea Mega Merged Thread IV
Kratom Megathread v.5
The AH-7921 (Ah7921) Megathread
Loperamide (Imodium) Megathread v. 2
U-47700 Megathread and FAQ

Harm Reduction​

Injection; IV complications and Info MEGATHREAD v.IV Flashes, Flags, Ribbons
Micron Filtering Mega Thread and FAQ
How to Get Needles Mega Thread
Bioavailability Half life MEGA Thread
Cold Water Extraction (CWE) Mega Thread and FAQ v2.0
Official Rectal Administration/Plugging Thread
Tapering Plan Mega Thread
Track Marks Megathread v-1 Human Pin Cushion
Dangerous Drug Combinations
Personal Accounts of Addiction What s Your Story
Case Studies (It could happen to YOU)
Handling Emergency-Medical-Services


The Pain Management Mega Thread v. 7
Antihistamines Mega Thread
Kava Kava Mega Thread
The Lyrica (Pregabalin) Mega Thread v2.0
The Gabapentin (Neurontin) Mega Thread
(Nicotine) Smoking cessation Thread

PAWS Megathread and FAQ
Bupropion (Wellbutrin/Zyban) Megathread
Before starting a new bupe thread please read
Should I Try Heroin? Megathread v1
Trouble Peeing on Opiates: Urinary retention issues Q&A Megathread
Phenibut Megathread
UA Facts/Questions/Answers

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