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We're thrilled that you've decided to join us here at the world's busiest dedicated multi-drugs harm reduction forum. We hope that, regardless of the reason you joined, you’ll stay and become an active member of our community. So to help you learn a little more about Bluelight and how we do things, we've prepared this short guide.


Here’s a brief rundown of Bluelight's main forums:

Bluelight Basics - Forums to welcome our new members, provide basic harm reduction advice, and offer technical help with using the site.

Focus Forums - These are our main drugs forums, broken down by category, and fielding more advanced drugs queries and harm reduction advice.

Drug Experiences - These forums are for sharing trip reports and chatting about the social aspects of drugs use, including forums for region-specific local discussion

Recovery Support - These forums are designed to offer support for difficult drugs issues, sobriety and recovery from addiction, and general mental health.

Media, Science & Research - In these forums we collaborate with academic researchers to investigate drug issues, discuss advanced subjects like pharmacology, and review media reports about drugs.

Community and Arts & Entertainment - These forums are our main social outlets, the places where Bluelighter’s kick back, share hobbies, and get chatting about all kinds of things with each other, making new friends from across the world.


This forum is called New Member Introductions (NMI), and exists to give new members like you a chance to introduce yourself to the rest of Bluelight, and to ask basic questions. You're not required to introduce yourself, but it's a great way to get started! :)

NMI is not a drug discussion forum. You'll probably want Basic Drug Discussion for those basic drug-related questions. But if you're not sure, ask anyway and we can move your thread to the right forum.


What makes a good introductory post? Here are some suggestions:
  • A big hello to the rest of Bluelight :)
  • Tell us why you came to Bluelight?
  • Tell us your interests and background, such as being a student, interest in films, video games, meeting other bluelighters, etc?
  • Tell us which drugs you like?


Think carefully before giving out personal details on your profile. We'd discourage including your name, email, FB, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on until you're comfortable with how things work. :)


If you ask where to buy drugs we will edit your post and warn you about the Bluelight User Agreement (BLUA) and you may be subject to other sanctions including warnings if you continue


A Greenlighter is a new member who has made less than 20 posts. To reduce spamming, trolling and the sourcing of drugs, restrictions are applied to these new accounts.

This means:

  • Greenlighters cannot attach files to messages
  • Greenlighters cannot create a Blog or post in other people's Blogs
Once you've made 20 posts, you become a Bluelighter and the above restrictions are removed. Please note you may need to log out then back in for the update to take effect, and please don't spam out nonsensical posts to reach Bluelighter status ;)

Here are some more user categories you may encounter:

Bluelight Crew is an honorary title which is awarded to people who have been on our staff - at any level - who have now moved on with life. Maybe they still post here, maybe they don't. That's up to them. Maybe they're not even with us any more.

Bluelight Crew are people who have made a significant contribution to the running of our site, in one way or another.

They are people who realised in good time that they needed to leave us, and gave us the opportunity to find a replacement. If they didn't, they had a damn good reason.

Bluelight Crew are people who respect the BLUA and don't cause the staff any extra work. When they're here, they watch out for new people and encourage good discussion on our site. They report troublesome activity and continue to make the site the best it can be, when they can.

The title of Bluelight Crew is something that is earned, not given out automatically. On retirement from staff, the awarding of the title will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

The Bluelight Crew cares about Bluelight, and vice versa.

Temp Ban is the title given to registered posters who have had their accounts disabled for a temporary amount of time

Ex-Bluelighter is the standard title for registered posters who have had their account disabled either temporarily or permanently.

Occasionally, other custom titles are given out as decided by the administrators, for example for competition winners.


Here are several threads that may be of interest to new members:


We encourage everyone to stop by and welcome new members. Here are some tips on how to greet them:

  • Most importantly, be friendly. Don't scare the new users away please. :)
  • Put a little thought into your greetings. Personalize rather than copypasta!
  • Find someone in your area or similar interests? Point them to your favorite forum. This also includes the many social threads.
  • See a new member that may need help getting through forums or the site? PM them and offer some support and helpful pointers.

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