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Megathread 🎥 Post a Random VIDEO


Staff member
Feb 8, 2006
In the mountains
Alright, it's time for this thread. Past time. Everyone's seen Internet videos that just crack you the fuck up. And uncontrollable, guttural laughter is one of the best feelings in the world. A good friend of mine always has something new to show me, but we're both really busy and in bands and rarely get to see each other anymore. So what I'm gonna need you guys to do, is collectively replace my good friend, and post up some of your favorite hilarious Internet videos. I'll start with a few:

This is James Brown high as FUCK doing an interview on national television:

This is the guy who wins the trophy for most overwhelmed with joy while tripping:

This is an amazing 90s boy band music video that they targeted to kids, teens/pre-teens, and somehow thought maybe no one would catch the "subtle" inuendos (seriously this shit is ridiculous):

And this is just... wow. My favorite part is the guy who almost like jokingly to his friends start patting the guy's meat sword, the 'ol tallywhacker. But then he gets into it and keeps doing it for an incredibly awkward length of time:

A lot of you have probably seen most of these. I have some more but I want to see what you guys got. Bring. That. Shit.