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Jun 6, 2011



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The stage is going to be in front of the famous Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas.

Jesus Christ.

Is it always like that?

its usually just a normal stage. they have had it outdoors before, but I think they are going all out this year because it's in Vegas. The Raiders moving there etc.
The only reason i know the Bellagio is from Ocean's 11.

The bellagio, mirage and the MGM Grand, IIRC.

i went to Vegas once, the bellagio is nice. We stayed at Mandalay Bay tho.

The fountain show is awesome , they do different arrangements to different songs. But I doubt they'll be able to incorporate them into the draft since the stage will be on top of them.

Shoulda put tyree jackson in place of cam but what do I know that’s just my madden franchise

seriously though, do you think they'll try to trade cam straight up for another qb, or will they include him in a package deal to move up in the draft?
Hard to tell, I do know that tepper or however you spell it is tired of the shit but I mean I mean cam is 30 and his body has been through hell so I don’t see them keeping him for long that cap space is extremely valuable but I think they will tank the season either voluntarily or involuntarily because of lack of talent
seriously though, do you think they'll try to trade cam straight up for another qb, or will they include him in a package deal to move up in the draft?
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- On the same day the Carolina Panthers gave Cam Newton permission to seek a trade that he says he didn't ask for, the team is finalizing details for a contract with free-agent quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, a source told ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

The contract would run for three seasons and average around $20 million per year, the source said. It is not completed but is expected to be done by the time the new league year begins Wednesday.

That news came after Newton responded to the team's post on Instagram saying that he could seek a trade.

"Stop with the word play. I never asked for it," he commented. "There is no dodging this one. I love the Panthers to death and will always love you guys. Please do not try and play me or manipulate the narrative and act like I wanted this. You forced me into this. Love"

Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen, who parted ways with the Panthers in January after nine seasons, responded to Newton's comment on Instagram with one of his own: "Sounds familiar."

Bridgewater has been a hot commodity since he had a strong showing while filling in for the injured Drew Brees in New Orleans last season. Bridgewater went 5-0 as a starter, saving a promising season.
it's looking likely but he's not signed - still a rumour.

#FakeNews?!?!?!?!? ;)

So what do the pats get for Brady? Some bullshit full back?

Weren't they already grooming the next guy? Or was he JUST a backup?

Maybe their hoping with eligibility and college seasons afu there will be a gem like Brady they can get in the 6th round again? Kyle Trask anyone?