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Hockey 2021-2022 NHL Season

Two entries even more so.
March madness and fantasy football were more fun.
But Krinkle insisted. He's a real jabroni sometimes.
Take a ride of my zamboni he says.
Well here's a fruit punch smoothie.
I like watching hockey. More than basketball.
It's just on later than i care to watch.
And I'd take that Tony bologna sandwich over a lunchable.
Good job Mal. Way to stick with it.
You the Champ @mal3volent

you did great

i was waiting for the final results - they weren't in by the time i went to bed so that's why the delay for the pat on the back

96.3 is pretty ridiculous if you ask me - not sure how you did it beyond luck lol

but good shit man

yeah, people who fall behind often just give up

easier to rationalize a loss that way 💪😉

yea that pisses me off

you play to the end - that's how you do this

im taking over that fantasy football league too - im not tolerating any tankers - and deficit was one of them - he gave up too soon