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2C-B (18mg) - First Time - So you think 2cb is a harmless beginner drug?


Feb 18, 2017
Hi-I dont know where to start,for 1 I would like to warn people about normal dose of 2cb--18 mg -(my 1st and last time)and find out any info on what happened to me-why ? It surely was almost death--like poisoning--I think i was in acidosis with horrid aphasia-brain swelling-shifting-i was too afraid to go to ER--dont want drugs on my record---and afraid they might induce a coma it was so bad..i poured baking soda all over me and submerged me in the tub --what a nightmare -since then i had a severe tachycardia-svt and went to ER.-I am 57 and now I know Im too old to be doing any of this -I want especially older people to know this stuff can be bad news.
it was same 2cb as friends had that was so mellow for them .i probably have brain issues--but wasnt aware.the only thing I know is that I have an absent A1 segment found on an mra--but I have felt more swelling but not like the 2cb episode ,which was months ago. I am just lucky I survived.

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Never heard of any extreme adverse affects from 2cb.

Many years ago, perhaps 10 or so, i found 27mg too much, uncomfortable, and slightly irritating for my skin.
Thats the only reaction, ive experienced or known. Lower doses for me were fine.

Hope your ok now. Was it tested to be confirmed as 2cb?
Did you test it with a reagent?

2c Class substances have extremely low doses.

I have ivd that much 2cb before an besides a small chem burn from to concentrated of a solution I'm all good.

Do you take any prescription meds?
yes it was tested. yes on prescription meds(.for high BP and insomnia those were atenolol and xanax or occasional ambien).Had also had 1/4 of a hit of acid a week before and felt happy-laughing but a warning from my right part of my brain not to merge with the left.sort of scary and that should have told me to beware-but all of the talk about 2cb being so gentle was the draw.my nightly xanax (.5 mg)is always such a relief and a bit of a high.Ambien(just 5mg) mixed with a shot or 2 of booze is an extreme high and makes me so high and artistically creative.it feels omnipotent.it is toxic for me tho so I do it rarely.I was hoping to find something to help me feel wonderful and creative that I could do occasionally-sigh.Am I ok-I dont know.I think I have some brainissues. I also experienced for a while what I would call HPPD-it felt like it would never leave.I did go to the ER after a week from the 2cb experience because it felt like a possible stroke.my right side brain and face was messed up-clenching inside-speech slurred couldnt talk right.CT scan was normal.I looked back at my old mra from a yr ago-and it said absent left A1 segment which means my blood flow is compromised on my left side of brain and my right side compensates but nothing was ever red flagged on my report.I just discovered this the other day..Oh-and my last hallucigenic trip before this was about 30 yrs ago.
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forgot to mention Skelital Hell. when I said aphasia-I didnt elaborate.It felt as tho my skeleton was acidic and couldnt stop moving or I would die if I didnt move every second.I stood in one place most of the time.So it was my whole body affected.It's hard for me to write this because of the memory of it.It felt infinite at the time or that I would die-didnt think I would recover.But I just feel compelled to let others know and maybe find some explaination someday and maybe warn others if there are certain conditions when not to mess with certain substances
I just remembered I may have been taking lamotrigine(lamictal).I took it for a short time and at 1st felt calmer-but it didnt last so I quit before having to up my dose.
Thank you for the warning TR, nightcat1!

I think Atenolol could have been a culprit here, being a beta-blocker. Combination of some beta-blockers with stimulants and some psychedelics in my understanding may cause serious problems, it probably varies heavy between individuals too.
Lamictal also posesses quite a list of possible side effects and I see a possible interaction as well.

Good thing you are fine now! :)
ppl tend to paint 2cb as mentally easier than all other psychs but not really safer overall, physically

I agree. I did it once. It did feel more euphoric/mellow than other psychedelics, but somehow I got the sense that it was probably harder on the body actually. With psychedelics, there's no real physical overdose threshold. With 2C-B though, it's definitely possible to OD if its taken in very high dosages even without taking prescription medications or any other variables.
First off, I'm really sorry to hear that you had such a negative reaction and that it was and/or felt so serious.

I do take your report seriously myself, but since you asked me to look into the matter and if you expect to get more to the bottom of it, I have to point to a number of issues:

- It is unclear what confirmed physical symptoms have occurred that relate to your experience. What I am saying is different from: 'it was imagined', rather it is hard to actually identify something like brain swelling or metabolic acidosis and the actual physical effects may have differed a lot in their actual nature or severity. As you will read in a minute there definitely may have been some considerable medical phenomena going on.
By the way, the time I had acidosis (professionally diagnosed) it was a complication of hyperventilating and quite possibly earlier use of GHB, the point being that at the time I feared that I was going to die too (I was still tripping, on 4-AcO-DMT), but I wasn't, not even close.
If you'd want to treat it you would have to take a base orally if not injected rather than transdermally like may be possible to some limited extent with e.g. magnesium, but not before diagnostically confirming the metabolic acidosis. I guess there isn't much harm in taking an antacid. Why did you think you had acidosis though?
- Bromine is toxic but it would have required too much for that - the 2C-B wouldn't only have been utterly brown but also very wet since bromine is a liquid in pure form.
- Your preexisting health condition is unknown to me, but what I can say is that in my experience 2C-B is one of the most physical psychededic-type drugs. I mean that in the sense not that it produces a serious bodyload (>> negative connotation) for most people but that tactile / sensoric enhancement is IMO one of it's main effects and that it tends to make me feel very sensitive to the state of my body and can amplify feeling when something is up with it, good or bad. I would not be surprised if it can alarm people who have a health condition that they normally aren't quite as aware of, especially since one can feel vulnerable and impressionable on psychedelics anyway, not to mention open to suggestion. Paradoxically, 2C-B can be dissociative but these tendencies are not most prominent in normal situations and shouldn't start as physical dissociation.

- Combining 2C-B with medications may not necessarily be all that dangerous regarding direct interactions in just any case, but it will certainly tend to increase the chances of side-effects and sensations that are dodgy. The interactions on metabolism of the drugs involved may also be pretty significant and could amplify or reduce the effects of 2C-B a lot, as well as amplify or reduce the effects of medications involved. If there then is also influence on your blood pressure because of the efficacy of the atenolol changing, that could account for some of your effects though I am interested to know what kind of dosage of lamotrigine you take - I will get to that in a minute.
- 2C-B, assuming that is what you have which it does sound like it but reagents are not conclusive, has a pretty long track record and is considered to be benign but that especially counts for healthy individuals.
- Lamotrigine can cause akathisia which seems to be what you describe regarding the urge to move (though the superstition / magical thinking that you would die if you didn't was likely from the trip, though of course it does depend on whether you had a lamotrigine overdose from metabolic interaction - if not to die, then at least to get further complications.). The feeling that one must fight to survive and the inherent involuntary nature of akathisia are difficult subjects and just as willpower and motivation being important in survival probably best understood from brain activity correlates and conscious and subconscious mechanisms interacting with each other.

P.S. Aphasia shouldn't be too alarming on a psychedelic in and of itself, a lot of cognitive function can go 'offline' temporarily but this does not imply any sort of lasting damage.

All in all it sounds like it was very unpleasant and people might wanna avoid combinations involved here, but the physical threat is pretty hard to determine. Can't comment on the cause of the tachycardia, clearly you have a blood pressure situation and there is the psychological component too but it is up to your healthcare professional to say whether that was something idiosyncratic or part of a larger syndrome that is best clarified.
hello Solipsis

Ist-thanks for writing and info. Akathisia is what I meant.Aphasia I felt tho. my brain could think and communicate but very sketchy-jerky.I dont know which was scarier-the brain swelling moving feeling or the skeletor thing.cant prove anything i say as no test were done at the time-
my right dominant side of brain being afraid to merge with left on the .25 acid dose seems important-- I believe-its always that way-dominant.
Acidosis--well-I felt acidic-like my bones-I could feel my skeleton twacking out for hours.after the ER visit a week after ,my anion gap was a bit over-so i dont know what it is normally for me.funny thing-i wanted to eat brocolli thinking it would help metabollize the drug out just couldnt eat-ate a little of the baking soda tho and I do believe it helped.
Lamotragine-maybe 50 mg--maybe 2 months on it then got off of it. I had a bad experience a yr or so ago with I dose of effexor( prescription)when it 1st hit it was calming-as I started to feel relaxed and sleep-- all of the sudden-a motor is reving in my chest and shaking which was not visable.jolts going thru me.then ambien to the rescue--so you see-I am wierd! and wired or something but not really because I cant function like a wired person
ya-I would love to ask the neurologist Im about to see--but they report back to dr--then they find out what I do/did and thats the end of my xanax .but I will tell them about another wierd brain issue that just happened a few weeks ago.I got turmeric online and made a facial-and felt really metal toxic after a few mins.my brain and my facial bones were pulling towards each other-or so it felt. researched -and GEEZEseems that some turmeric has lead in it.for about 2 weeks my brain felt swelling-again-but in the heat only.I would like to get the dang turmeric checked but labs are $$$-now i have turmericophophbia--:DI wonder if blood tests would have shown lead--its too late now I think
So you weren't actually on the lamotrigine during the 2C-B trip? I'm confused..

Unfortunately I don't speak comic action novel very well but that sounds like ataxia you are describing with the jerkiness.

Also, missing A1 segment have you had that for long, (I must not have paid enough attention earlier, tried to decypher but i have ADD and was busy with other things too), that wasn't during the 2C-B trip but before then?

Cause that does change things: may make you pretty sensitive to blood pressure changes even from simple stimulant effects, I guess that could feel like pressure but wouldn't really be the brain swelling as much as widening or narrowing of blood vessels in the brain leading to sensations like headaches but of course also different ones, and then also the brain not getting enough oxygen to cope.

Psychedelic effects also may just be cognitively challenging, you may not be as able to afford any reduced blood flow / access in the brain anymore, or such change in mental state.

@ Helping the metabolism, I don't think that's how it works. ;) The baking soda would work as an antacid but I expect only for your stomach might you feel like some relief. @ acidity of the blood: that would be interesting to self-diagnose, but I think it's better if you are careful not to psyche yourself out too much with jumping to conclusions. Maybe different thing if you have extensive experience with it and know yourself to be predisposed to it now.

But like about the lead, the internet is full of info including so many things unrelated to our cases... it's easy to overreact to something you read, can give a person hypochondria (well known among students in medical school). If you get turmeric just make sure it is FDA approved and not from someone's attic in chinatown (no offense to anyone, just a random example) if you are quite concerned.

Drugs like effexor can be nasty to begin with, be careful what you put in your body if you are so sensitive and on the other hand don't be surprised about side-effects from drug interactions and medical conditions etc. :)

Psychedelics can indeed cause unusual cooperation between brain regions, can help with plasticity probably but also require it... some reactions to drugs can change during the course of your life. I see that with myself and also saw it with my dad when I fed him drugs.

The broccoli I can recommend, but don't snort too much at once.
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i dont remember if i took lamotragine- but im gonna say yes-it around that time back in feb-
missing A1--i probably was born that way-it was found a yr before episode(had an artery pounding in my neck and other issues so they did mras )
probably born with the arrythmia too.but that was luck to find-yes -hard to dx those sometimes.
Heavy metal problems.its not the 1st time ive had issues but nothing in proof,I cant even put zinc cream on my face without feeling wierd and toxic after a while.-so could be sensitive to the chemical make up since im so dang sensitive.was just hoping to find something a hypnotic feel good thang to do artwork and feel like im in a divine place-!(without dying )too bad THC is no good with me either.thanks for writing
In my history, I've had case of stress induced heart palpitations. They've passed, but these days I can "read" my body and recognize the feeling that's signaling that I'm getting close to the palpitations state. I think, not 100% sure, but strongly suggest that 2cb puts me closer to the palpitation state. That is to say, Big amount of 2cb, I get the familiar feeling which is telling me: bit more stress and you'll start getting palpitations.
Oh, and once I've got my body really fucked up with combo of... most 2cb ever, viagra, extreme physical activity (not referring to the sex, but that also) getting me very hot and exausted, 4 cups of coffee... 4 hours later, the worst palpitations ever. Took almost 1 week for the palpitations to disappear. Thought the "I need to bite my lip to get the pain to get my heart to settle" type palpitations went away in 24 hours.
Btw. I've been in heart stress test prior this incident (other reasons) and there was nothing to worry about.
I haven't read anyone mentioning 2cb and heart problems, so that's why I'm sharing mine.
Here is a story of a redditor who tells another story about pretty similar bad trip. I also experience something that I thought was a heart attack on 2cb. I think that there is a trend and it might be not known side effect.
Despite people commenting that 2C-B is gentle, like other phenethylamine psychedelics, it has a really steep dose-response curve. When 2C-B first appeared as an aphrodisiac (under name Nexus), it was as 5mg tablets. Tabletsdistributed for full psychedelic activity were 10mg. I would be cautious about 18mg of 2C-B and I have taken some very high doses of psychedelics (tryptamine psychedelics don't have thesteep dose-reponse curve of phenethylamines).
What I'm saying, in my usual 'too much information' way is, if you are going to take a phenethylamine psychedelic is, look on the Erowid website, where access to the second part (reports of effects and dose) is free, and for a first time dose, do not take top end doses (dose of mescaline is 300-400mg for most people. I have seen 600mg cause serious, prolonged bouts of vomiting in people who would take a double doses of psilocybin or LSD with no problems). The meds the OP mentions they are prescribed are related to psychiatric conditions (anxiety, bipolar), which should also have been a red flag.
Finally, the OP doesn't mention if they were on their own, when they took the 2C-B: taking a first time dose of a psychedelic is something you don't do on your own, especially not 2x an average dose, as it's easy for anxiety to turn into full on panic. While psychedelics are much less physically toxic than other classes of psychoactive drugs, that is in no way to say that they can be taken with impunity (god knows I have seen total freakouts in people who thought because psilocybin containing fungi could be collected for free, from nature, they could take silly doses - and as I mentioned, tryptamines are more forgiving than phenethylamines).

The above recommendations generally mean a pleasant experience, but it still requires some responsibility on the part of the person taking it. Oh and bromine poisoning? Poisoning with halogens is fucking serious and highly unlikel (and if did happen, would have so many metabolic poisoning markers, would have resulted in immediate hospital admissiom).
With the newer 2-carbon PEAs, has nobody made the bk analogues? bk-2CB worked well. Less potent but dose-response not as steep and it wears off quite suddenly.
Iirc, there were several people who had acute cardiac issues after using bk-2C-B, which was a bit of a buzzkill. Not a common side effect, but still. Add to that the fact that it would dimerize in water, that may (or may not) have contributed to the wide variability of dosages. The comeup was long, the duration was longer, and I imagine oral was the only practical way to take it because of dimerization. That meant that you had to take your dose and hope that you hit your mark. For some, that was 110mg. For others, that was 210mg. Pretty big commitment, especially with the heart issues appearing to largely be dose dependant I think.

Long story short, vendors had lots they couldn't offload for long periods of time, making them unwilling to invest in analogs.
I didn't know that. Wow, I SHOULD have known that. I mean the dose is no higher than some of the cathinone stimulants... so maybe it has affinity for other receptors?

We made and sold it for a couple of years without issue. I think 80-120mg was a reasonable dose. Well, that is something I will have to think about. Maybe a 4 substituent that is safer and more potent such as p-ethyl or p-propyl?

OR maybe it's because the product wasn't stored properly so it formed a dimer, trimer or polymers? That could easily have been tested.

By the time this happened I was long gone.

Actually, the guy who came up with the bk-2Cx compounds was fired over a yea before I left. I handed him 10 years of references, Ebooks and so on - a HUGE amount of work all done. He handed exactly NOTHING back. Either he had nothing or he had so little that it would have looked bad. I wouldn't have minded. To my mind we were working together but he got upset when he found out who was senior. So after the boss had words, the guy gave some snide answer.... and was out of the door in about 5 minutes.

That is why I post so much here - if just 1 person finds just 1 paper I've missed then it's all worth it. But when people in a team compete... it isn't good.