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Phenethylamines [2C-B Subthread] Dosage & Methods of Administration

Yeah, vaporized 2C-B is great. The trip is a little bit more stimulating, and doesn't last very long at all. The dosage is probably similar to insufflating. It's also possible to smoke 2C-B laced in weed, not sure how potent it is this way because I've only tried it while already tripping, but I got noticable rushes and the trip intensified within a minute after each hit.

You ought to be able to feel the effects of as little as 3-4mg smoked, with 5-15mg being a normal dose.
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Redosing 2C-B

You can red-dose 2C-B, but this is not a good way to use it.

Two reasons why :

1) It saturates fast, I you will waste it. When you re-dose it will not last so long and you will have to add more than the typical dose. Not exactly sure, I just did it once, but I did not like the results. Have seen other posts saying the same thing.

2) The 2C-B starts to be felt at around 25 min, then peaks at 1 h, then for another hour it is kind of jittery, noise, inconstant, then finnaly gets nice and steady at 2 h. It will do the same when you re-dose, but more stable, anyway not as good as taking it all at once.

3) One more : I have seen more than one user saying that 2C-B is good, but not so impressive till you go a bit above the typical dose. A typical dose for me is something like 20 mg to 25 mg. I am planning to try 75 mg MDMA + 35 mg 2C-B one of this days, but ... I have to work, other things, etc.

Don't overdose it either. I guess overdosing will be around over 50 mg or so.

Also, as I have said before, better take it with MDMA than just the 2C-B. Take the two togheter, add 75 mg XTC + 25 mg 2C-B.
First time 2CB questions - please help!

Hi. I have searched and read all the threads I can find on here, plus all the info on erowid, but will be trying 2CB for the first time soon and have some questions. This is potentially a dangerous substance.

I know some of these questions may have been answered before, but I would be really grateful for the advice of experienced Bluelighters. :)

1. Is it really better to take orally the first few times? I don't mind the pain of snorting and am concerned about slow/unpredictable come-up from oral dose (i.e. thinking nothing has happened then re-dosing with too much; or not much happens and re-dosing too late, wasting both doses).

What is the disadvantage of snorting? Simply the intensity? Surely due to the rapid onset it's much easier for a first-timer to titrate dosage to their desired effect.

2. If I do take orally, how best to do it? I dunno if I can get gelatin capsules easily. If not, can I use like a paracetamol capsule and clean it out?

3. Do I need to add a filler to mix with the 2CB in the capsule? If so, what should I use? Glucose?

4. Can I just dissolve 2CB in a solvent and drink it? Shulgin says it's very insoluble in water, so what's best to use? The smaller the volume the better.

5. How long for onset time, snorted and oral? Info on the web is pretty vague. If I feel like it's not enough, how long to wait before re-dosing?

6. Is there any cross-tolerance between 2CB and MDMA?

7. Like I say, I've done a lot of reading, but based on people's actual experiences, what are good doses for a medium trip (oral/snorted)? I'm experienced with drugs generally, and want to properly feel the 2CB, but not be overwhelmed/freaked in any way.

Thanks in advance for your help :) I know some regulars on here get sick of the same questions, but mine are very specific and I'm really grateful for any advice :) Thanks!
The phenethylamines do not lend themselves well to rapid administration...definitely take it orally. 2C-B hcl seems to dissolve fine in water...I disolved 100mg into 3 cups of water just the other day for easy administration...first trip in many years. Great day...but that is a different story. :) No need to add anything to it to get it to disolve...maybe a little heat if needed.

Redosing does not work well. You get an instant tolerance to psychedelics. Redosing will extend the peak...but will not usually bring you any higher.

I'm pretty insensitive to 2C-B...I need at least 30mg to trip hard. Anything less just does not get me to the level I like. But beware...many are very sensitive to 2C-B...18mg is plenty for my best friend to get to a +3. Start off low.
In my experience, taking phenethylamines nasally will greatly reduce their "impact", as in emotional and possibly spiritual. The come-up is much worse, but that's not the reason I wouldn't do it. It seems to get you more "fucked up" but a lot of the positive effects are absent or lacking.

They work really well orally. Why mess around with a good thing?
well,i guess ill add my input to the subject. earlier this year i managed to acquire a good amount of 2cb. first thing i did when i got it was snort 25 mg. pain,puking all over myself in the shower,almost asked my dad to take me to the hospital.then i tried oral doses.very smooth,mellow and yummy. then i tried to snort a hooj line(this was eyeballed,could have been anywhere from 30-45 mg according to the weighed doses) on the come up of a speedy roll(purple dvd) and i managed to have the worst freakout of my life.

i thought everyone at this happy vibes rolling party was trying to kill me.flipped out and left.

much experimentation with 2cb proved the best way to take it for a good experience was orally,especially on the tail end of an mdma experience. throw those two together with some nitrous and your body might turn into a pyramid.

snorting it HURTS,is incredibly mentally distressing,but it gives some INCREDIBLE visuals,where you cant tell where anything is because there is 5 of everything and they are all moving. when you snort enough to see the hieroglyphs,they tend to be silverish with purple outlines,very digital and ugly.

i consider myself very well versed with 2cb,having consumed it over 30 times this year. thankfully i ran out a few months ago and could not continue the abuse pattern. ive learned alot about myself through 2cb.


dont learn the hard way like i did,2cb is very fun but you cant use it every day.

any questions are welcome.
Wow, 25mg snorted sounds very crazy. It burns like nothing ever before, more so than 2c-e. Assuming because 2c-b is not water soluble. In order to dose by liquid measurements, do I need to get a high proof alcohol? Will 2c-b go into a large amount of water? I would really like to know how much 2c-b I'll be taking. A nice amount is around me and I would love to experiment safely with this! :-D From the 2 times I've tried it, it seems great nasally. I should be eating some tonight. If I can't get 50mg to go into 100mL, I'll just weigh an empty cap, tare and put in 20mg.
50mg of the HBr salt would go into 100mL pretty easily. I put 30mg into ~4mL without a problem. I gather that the HCl salt is far less soluble in water.
Damn, snorting 25mg of 2cb sounds fucking painful dude. I did 8mg and my nose was not happy.

I ate 12, 25 and 30mg capsules on different occasions, and it is definitely a very cool drug, the visuals are amazing, for me it's more of a fun trip though. Not mentally intense or anything. 30mg did give me some speedy feeling which I didn't particularly like(I wanted to trip-which I did as well though-, not feel like I was on uppers).

I'm gonna get some more and try this stuff out a few times. I am never going to snort it again though. The trip was different and it hurt. I'll just use a bit more and put it in capsules.
orbital_forest said:

much experimentation with 2cb proved the best way to take it for a good experience was orally,especially on the tail end of an mdma experience. throw those two together with some nitrous and your body might turn into a pyramid.

snorting it HURTS,is incredibly mentally distressing,but it gives some INCREDIBLE visuals,where you cant tell where anything is because there is 5 of everything and they are all moving. when you snort enough to see the hieroglyphs,they tend to be silverish with purple outlines,very digital and ugly.

i consider myself very well versed with 2cb,having consumed it over 30 times this year. thankfully i ran out a few months ago and could not continue the abuse pattern. ive learned alot about myself through 2cb.


I agree orally is probably the best route. I've insufflated and taken it orally a number of times, and holy MOTHERFUCK it burns when insufflated. I'm not joking here. Its like snorting something that is smoldering.

Erowid says the insufflated doses are about 3x stronger than the same amount orally. I believe this.

I insufflated 8mg once, and it was enough to give me a susbtantial head change (whoooosh), color enhancement, some patterning and shifting of objects. The rapidity of onset scared me a little bit. Orally it takes a good hour to and hour and a half to really kick in. I was seriously affected 10-15min after insufflation.

28mg (HBr salt) was the next trial, orally this time. For some time, I thought nothing much was going to happen and actually got pretty dissapointed. Then out of nowhere, I realize that colors seem pretty vibrant. I don't get much color enhancement from other drugs... a small amount from mushrooms. But this effect kept getting stronger. When I reached the peak I was blown away. Everything was beautiful! So colorful! Everything colored looked like an image with a saturation filter on it. A truly remarkable effect.

I saw soft, smooth patterning in the carpet. When I walked around I didn't see it so much, unless I looked down at my feet. Then the carpet would seem to go out of focus in a fuzzy radial distortion around me. My carpet debris all over it (lol), and the specs of lint and whatnot would leave trails in the distorted area around my moving feet. It was really wierd. I can't quite describe it.

Next dose was 15mg. I put on some happy electronic music, and sat outside in the hammock, and drank a couple of bottles of ale. Everything was perfect. I did not really get visual effects from this, but things were different in some way... softer.. a little more vibrant. I watched bugs on the fence, some birds tooling around in the tree above me, and ate blueberries. I was so relaxed. My thoughts drifted around easily and in a positive manner.

Then I tried 35mg, and here, something happened. I got all the other effects but now patterns, very bold color-shifting rainbow objects, appeared all over my field of vision. Things I looked at would breathe, squiggle a bit, and have moving patterns all over them. The grass looked bizarre beyond description.

I have since tried 35mg with MDMA. And then abother day some MDMA (full/heavy dose), 30mg about an hour in, and 25mg about an hour after that, along with plenty of nitrous (and some hash/pot a few hours before any of this began).

This second combo experience, I should really write a trip report on, as I'd consider this to be the second +4 experience I've ever had. I surged, and surged with waves happiness. It was overwhelming. I'd get up, and try to go to my tent. I was hallucinating so strongly (colors, rainbows, shifting shapes in the air) it was hard to see where I was going. I began to get really confused at this point, not knowing where exactly I was. I'd carefully try to walk in a straight line to get to the tent, and then end up somewhere completely different.

Anyway, I eventually got back, and got into the nitrous. This was something else. Nitrous always sends me straight into hyperspace when I'm tripping, and blows me away on MDMA. But this time it was as if everything stopped when it kicked in. I had no idea what was going on, why, how.. just completely gone. It felt like I was a color on one end of the spectrum. I could feel it, see it (all over my field of vision).. then.. nang... nang... nang... Nang.. Nang.. NANGNANGNAGNANGNAG!!!... My color began shifting down the spectrum and repeating, faster and faster. It felt increadible! The most concentrated feeling of happiness and wellbeing I can remember. Each color shift changed the feel. So amazing.

When the stuff wears off, it wears off pretty cleanly for me. There's not a long comedown.

On the downside, I sometimes wish it laster longer. It also does not seem to be very deep mentally unless I take a lot, and even then its nothing compared to LSD, mushrooms, etc.
Delsyd said:
Anyone tried plugging 2cb?
i had great success with 2c-d and 2c-c when plugging them.
Havent tried plugging 2c-e yet because im a bit worried about the dosage i would use.

Yeah, I'd say its about 2.5-3x as strong this way. 28mg plugged is enough that its hard to see through all the rainbows sometimes. It burns a bit (NOTHING like snorting), comes on of the sudden.. out of nowhere it seems. It does not last quite as long this way.

There is something of an urge to empty the bowels which much be resisted, probably on par with MDMA here.
28mg plugged does sound like a very intense experience. How was it? I am very sensitive to drugs. I seem to get the effects I want off minimal dosage. I don't think I would ever eat more than 25mg. How long does plugging normlly take? Slower than snorting, but faster than eating?
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Probably similar to 55mg or so, I'm guessing. The most I have taken orally was 30mg, plus 25 about an hour later.

The 28mg was extremely intense. Whats amazing about 2c-b to me is the relatively small effect it has on my mind. Don't get me wrong, I become extremely intoxicated. But if I was required, I could walk 2 blocks down the street, get a news paper and soda out of vending machine, and get back home without incident, as long as nobody talked to me and nothing odd happened.

I mentioned earlier about not being able to walk in straight line long enough to get across a clear feild to my tent on a similar amount, but bear in mind I was also on MDMA at the time, and around probably 350 other people tripping (most with their own tents), pounding psytrance, wierd flashing lights, etc. Some of those people would stop me and ask/say something nonsensical or completely fucked up, which didn't help me concentrate.

When I took the 28mg that way, I spent a lot of time laying on my couch with all the lights off, curtains pulled, etc.. totall darkness, with really trippy psydub music playing very loudly. I was completely calm, but at times would drift off into a trance state. While in this state I saw the most amazing visual effects. Triangles that would constantly cycle through colors in time with the music.. shifting, aligning themselves into straight lines, then twirling around into spirals, compressing,... then expanding across the room very fast.

Then I'd sit up to get some water and be completely disoriented. After I turned the lights on though, I could get my bearings. I saw things I'd see on 5-6 hits of strong acid blotter, but was nowhere even remotely near that level of mental alteration. On that much acid, I really need someone to watch me, because I'll wander off thinking I'm acting pretty normal, and do some really bizarre stuff. Or I'll sit and watch a dvd of music set to visuals, only to find out 45min later that I never turned the dvd player on. That doesn't happen to me on 2c-b.

I also took a 12mg plugged dose. This was similar to a 30mg-ish dose, but didn't last all that long.

Please don't use my experiences with this compound to decide doses for yourself. I get wierd results from 2c-* it seems. 2c-i gives me a headache and a slightly spaced out feeling, but no psychedelic effect, even at 25mg. 2c-e tears the crap out of me at 18mg, to the point that its very scary.
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Recently I got a new batch of 2c-b and haven't tested it for the past week until tonight.....

I weighed out 50mg and divided into 5 almost even piles assuming what I had was 10mg in each pile. I took one and dissolved it into a minimal amount of water. Go my eye dropper and proceeded to suck up the liquid. I inserted it *rectally* and squirted the 2c-b and pulled out. WOW did it burn. I spent maybe 20 minutes complaining that my ass burned like crazy while my trip was starting to set it.

I'll leave out the unnecessary actions in the bathroom....just say my ass was on fire :p

Came back into my room and got my headphones with my favorite trance music. I can't really describe what happened from 8:30pm to 11pm....I'm not very familiar with the Shulgin scale but I believe I had a +4 experience. The colors and patterns were very new (again!). I've had 2c-b a few times at higher doses orally and insufflated but the colors and patterns were different! I can't describe my trip, other than it was intense. I had much headspace that I didn't think was possible with 2c-b, and I wasn't looking for. 2c-b is still by far my favorite psychedelic. This experience was like nothing else, maybe somewhat comparable to 2 hits of LSD but nothing like it.....
^ Funny thing is I've had other 2C-X compounds that apparently burn when snorted but have no irritant action when I've administered them rectally (I say apparently burn gauging from other people's reactions - I don't snort anything due to having sinuses that develop sinusitis at the least thing). Rectal admin does seem to be more efficient than snorting (anybody any theories why?) and can require reducing the dose anything up to threefold; I've rectally administerd 20 or 25mg of 2C-C, a long time ago and rather than being the 'cuddly teddy bear' psychedelic that it is when taken orally, it turned into a psychotic grizzly (it was a real white knuckle ride with a fair degree of anxiety at the start and hugely over the top visual hallucinations). Sounds like you've had the same sort of experience with 2C-B
^I'll second that... I've rectally administered 2C-B, 2C-C, 2C-D, and 2C-E in various dosages, and 2C-B and 2C-D I've used the most this way, and I've never had more than a very small, easily ignorable "warm, tingly" sensation from it. 2C-B is the only one that produced any sensation at all, which was the warm tingly sensation I mentioned. However, it was very far away from pain or burning.

Snorted, on the other hand, 2C-B burns like a diseased whore...
2cb up the NOSE!

Ok from a brief search on this site and from some trip reports on Erowid, it sounds like 2cb is not the nicest thing to snort but I plan on doing it anyway. Will mixing it in with a crushed E pill perhaps stop it from hurting so much or is that just wishfull thinking?

I look forward to your goddamn replies. %)