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Phenethylamines [2C-B Subthread] Dosage & Methods of Administration

I have around 1-1,3g 2CB. Now I want to dosage it. I don’t have any good scale and it seems that scales for mg weighting are very expensive (500€+)…

I read about dosing with water, however you need to know the initial volume of your 2CB to use this method.

I thought about another way: Couldn’t I take e.g. 1ml water (dosage it with a syringe to make sure I have exact 1ml), solve a lot of 2CB in it and check with the syringe how much more ml it got?

If this isn’t possible, what else could I do without scale? I don’t know anyone with a professional scale and don't want to spend 500€…
I just weigh out points make it even. Cut it in half and cut those in half. Should be roughly around 25-30 mg in each line. And if people aren't weeners like where I'm from in the Pacific Northwest Washington area, we would rail it. Or bomb it. But that's a sure easy way to rough weigh it.
You can get a scale accurate to ~3mg for around $20. Check Amazon for the gemini-20.

edit: whoops, though those posts were from 2016.

For actual new content I would recommend people check out this thread on 2C-X insufflation. The water method has significantly decreased the pain I notice from snorting 2C-B.