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Phenethylamines [2C-B Subthread] Dosage & Methods of Administration

morninggloryseed said:
It's hard to say. I've always been a hardhead to 2C-B, though friends are floored with 18mg. I shared 20mg with my cousing today for his first psychedelic experience. He felt very little so there is no saying.

Such is the mantra of psychedelics; unpredictability, it seems, is ubiquitous. 10mg is probably too light under most circumstances. I have a total of 40mg, so maybe 1 15mg and 1 25mg is the way to go.

Thanks for your input.
15mg was just about right for my first trial... i think 17-18mg would have been perfect. If i were you , i'd do 18mg one time, and 22mg the next.
@DrumnBassBandit: Sounds like a great time! Once I gain some experience, I'd love to try 2C-E.

@cerebral_cortex: Good advice. I do not have a scale, so it may be difficult to get the measurements exact. Thanks for your advice.
samadhi_smiles said:


If I decide to delve further into RCs, I will get a scale . However, I did not want to purchase one until I am sure that I want to continue my experimentation with psychedelics, as this is my first time.

At this point, I'm leaning towards just taking the 20mg dose, and not screwing with the capsules. I think 20mg will be fine.
Bear in mind the HBr salt is something like 26% less potent than the HCl by weight when you are figuring out a dose. It seems the HBr is what most are getting.
Ok, I'm definitely going for the full 20mg dose, since it's probably HBr. Thanks for all the information. BL is awesome!
Just tried about 1.5-2mg nasally, then licked about 2mg. Just to see if it would take away my sinus and clear my nose... It kind of cleared my nose for about an hour after i took it.. for about an hour and a bit.. besides that just sweats... some very small mind loops and stupidiity here and there.. and more than normal pixelated patteredness darkness.. its been years since i tried this baby and will some time in the next few weeks along with MDMA for the first time.

Never was a fave but its good for recreation. Just make sure you got music.. silence is a killer of retarded mind loops on this stuff... no pure insight or even real appreciate of nature for longer then a few minutes (which is the total opposite for me on most psychedelics.. i absolutely adore outdoors and hate indoors with a passion, unless for "safe base" times) I once heard a very bad r & b tune with a car go past, walking around town.. and that stupid tune stayed in my head for 4 hours, unable to get rid of it, until i broke down in tears and complete psychosis..... and that isnt me. weird druig... with the first few uses it seems wonderful and fun, but some will agree turns darker and uglier and less appelaing the more you take it, quicker than most psychedelics.
I've been racking my brain and search engine for a reasonable answer to your possible tolerance, but can't find anything conclusive. I know you've had no problems with MDMA and MDA so I know you don't have a high tolerance to PEAs from the get-go. The meal really shouldn't have done anything significant other than delay it, especially considering the amount you excersised afterwords and on the supposed come-up. LSD 4 days ago shouldn't create a problem, since usually after 3 days noticable LSD tolerance is normally down. Might just be a trigger thing.

Wait another week at least and then try it on an empty stomach. You might not have been comfortable in your surrounding or your body/mind wasn't ready for it.
You may be naturally quite tolerant to 2C-B. MGS is, and so am I. 20mg is a very low dose for me, practically threshold, even on an empty stomach. I would guess it's a combination of the meal and natural tolerance. I suggest trying it again a week or so later, on an empty stomach (2C-B is not known to cause much if any nausea), at 20mg. Then you can try moving your dose up accordingly next time, if necessary.

In general, you should avoid eating too close to taking a psychedelic. Especially with a lot of phenethylamines, I find that it really makes it take longer to work and it comes on much weaker.
I have known some people to have very high tolerances to 2c-b as well. I have seen some people need around 40mg to get the effects I recieve with 20-25mg of the same material.
thanks for the help guys. I guess this is just one of those phenomenons of the research chemical world. I have 2 more 20mg capsules, so in about a week or two i'll attempt to take those. I think i'll play it safe and do the 20mg on a completely empty stomach, but keep the other 20mg around and maybe redose at the 1 hour point.
^^ Suggestion - dump it out of the capsule and dissolve it in a small amount of water or alcohol and drink that. It will come on faster.
^oooh, good idea. maybe if i can get over the flavor i could ingest it sublingually too? I attempted that last night, but the nasty bitter flavor caused my saliva to build up a lot and i was forced to swallow it =\
2C-B doesnt taste that bad, but I worry sublingual may cause mouth/gum problems temporarily.

I've seen 20mg 2cb have almost no effect on a beach in Honduras.
Two weeks later at 12mg in a club, mind blowing visuals. Interesting
why the magic occurs at times and not at others.
Yeah I have to admit, it can be variable. I usually say I need at least 26mg of 2C-B to trip hard...but over the summer I took 16mg at the Rainbow Gathering and had a +3. Last weekend, I took 24mg and went hiking. While the experience was not mind-blowing...it was a full +3 and was far more powerful than (for instance) the first time I tried the material (which was at 26mg,)

Set and setting are (like always) of vital importance. Still, I think 2C-D is far better in every capacity compared to 2C-B. 2C-D may be lacking the visuals, but makes up for it mentally.
Splatt said:
2C-B doesnt taste that bad, but I worry sublingual may cause mouth/gum problems temporarily.

None of the phens I have tasted taste too bad, but then, I used to be repulsed by them. I guess it just depends on how much you can learn to ignore unpleasant tastes. The only substances I can't really hold in my mouth at all are AMT and AET, and some other assorted tryptamines as well (like 4-HO-DiPT... horrible!).

I concur about the mouth/gum issues though. 2C-B in particular seems pretty caustic with prolonged exposure to mucous membranes. I absorbed it sublingually once (which resulted in a strong trip from 15mg, coincidence?), but the mouth and gums were left burning as if blistered for hours. No visible damage was done, but it was frightening.

Other 2C-Xs have not done this to me.
Thinking about plugging 2CB, after such a great experience plugging in combo with m1. Will it delay/affect the experience if we decide to plug with capsules (this will be much more convenient) than with liquid solution. The only experience I have plugging has been in solution and squirted up there. I've never done capsules.

Anybody else plug 2CB!? Its great, isn't it! Thinking about trying 14mg. =D

Hi, I've searched the threads here, really could not find what I was looking for. Looking for personal experiences or someone who knows.

I'm able to get 2cb, from what I'm told in 20mg. Have never taken it before, what is the reccomended dose for it? I've eaten acid, shrooms and rolls, but never this. Would like to take it at a music fest. but want to make sure it's right for the situation..