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  • Trip Reports Moderator: Xorkoth

2C-E (12mg) - Second Time - The beauty and the beast

LOL when I was typing that out I forgot 2C-! too and came back and typed it. Hey 15 years ago. But yes 2C-B I have also had. I am actually happy when I hear of people getting some. That means it is around more. I had been gifted some about 9 years ago so I had it quite a few times.. I sort of lean towards the shorter psychedelics. 4-ACO-DMT is perfect timing. Acid I take only occasionally these days and I have to be alone for the day. 4-6 hours is good. 10 hours is a bit much and needs proper set and setting. But I do love cactus and that lasts about 12 hours.

This report of 2C-E is excellent and may be the one that gets me off my ass and make a day of it.
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Honestly, I'd bet a substantial sum that that's more than 12.2 mg unless your camera is 800 megapixels or something.