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2C-E-fly - First Time - A light but active dose of 2C-E-FLY (5-6mg)


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Jul 22, 2018
Male – 34 Years old – 145lbs

Years ago, I had been given a few small vials that were originally used to store some exotic and novel psychedelic compounds created by a famous chemist at a certain midwestern university. I’m not sure if they were stolen or what, but they ultimately made it into my possession. Most of the vials came empty, but a few still contained small amounts of the original compound. The most interesting of these vials still contained some 2C-E-FLY.

For the purposes of this trip report, the most relevant compounds I have taken prior to this experience are; mescaline, 2C-E, 2C-B, 2C-B-FLY, 2C-D, and MDxx.

I was able to collect about 6mg of the material not including a bit of residue on the glass. I sacrificed about 1mg for science to determine melting point. This was years ago, and I lost my notes, but if I remember correctly, the m.p. was 305c, but please don’t use this as a reference. I do remember it being below 2C-B-FLY however. The material was a white, flakey, shiny substance that somewhat resembled fishscale cocaine, but much whiter and less pearly.

Fast forward 3 years. I’d just quit my job, had all the time in the world, and was reunited with my secret stash that had been buried somewhere in the PNW. I decided to try the 2C-E-FLY. Mood was great, environment private and comfortable, although I was house sitting. I’d only been given scant information on the compound; about 50 people had tried (despite there being no documented experiences out there), I should not exceed 10mg, and that I should expect a rough come up. Despite there being no documentation, I was surprisingly not nervous. My only fear was that I would die, and be discovered with a stash that would make hunter thompsons briefcase look like childs play. Anyway, I was more worried about the tenant of the space than my own safety.

I started this trip atypically for me. I had been talking to a childhood friend, Moonface, when I began my experiment. I was able to scrape out 5mg of material and placed in gel capsule. I took about a mL of tapwater and swished in the vial to dissolve any residue left on the glass. It dissolved very easily, so I assume this was in a salt form, likely the hydrochloride. The taste was mildly bitter, but less so than say 1mg/mL of etilozam (yuck). I waited about 15 minutes, and no effects whatsoever were noted. I only had a few smokes left so I took a 20 minute walk to the nearest gas station to pick a few packs up. I was still on the phone the entire time. At the gas station, I swallowed my capsule.

By the time I made it home, I could feel some effects developing. A slight mind shift coupled with a general increase in body wellbeing. A slight excitement, increased heartbeat, and warm feelings/tingles in my body. Fortunately, there were none of the negative body load effects that I get with 2C-E (nausea/tremoring). In fact, at this dose, it felt completely benign.

As time passed, these effects slowly intensified. Initially, there were no OEV’s, although there was a slight alteration in my visual field. CEV’s was a different story. I started noticing quite a bit of visual activity, mostly swirling lines and textures, almost entirely in the red and orange color spectrum (subjective I know). The shapes were very organic, smooth, and flowing. If I was forced to compare it to another compound, I would compare it to a more electric mescaline, or a high dose (+50mg) of 2C-D though not nearly as rainbowy. It was slightly reminiscent of 2C-E visually, but different. 2C-E visuals for me aren’t strong when I take it alone. I often see fractals in the refractions of all light sources, but aside from that I don’t find 2C-E particularly visual.

I was still on the phone, and at this point it had become a 3 way conversation, which was great because my attention was not in constant demand. I was able to come in and out of the conversation with ease. The mental state was definitely trippy, but none of the heavy/cosmic warping of 2C-E. It was gentle. Both thoughts and conversations flowed smoothly. I was a bit reminded of MDxx, but empathy increase wasn’t so inherently positive. Regardless, I eventually excused myself from the conversation as I wanted to note and document the effects of this compound.

I turned off the lights, threw on some music (yung skrrt) and lay on my couch. I won’t go so far to say there was musical enhancement at this level, but I felt great. The only side effects of significance was a definite but slight increase in heartbeat, 2 minor stomach twinges that lasted 5 seconds or so, and sweaty palms here and there. Actually in retrospect, there were moments where my body temperature seemed to be both up and down. I remember taking clothes off and putting them back on a few different times. The visuals became much more noticeable in the dark, but they never became overwhelming or all consuming. I started to massage my self, and everywhere I touched myself, I could feel warmth emanating from the point of contact. Naturally, my hand eventually found my groin. Again, warm feelings of pleasure spreading from the point of contact, but I didn’t seem to arouse too easily, so I didn’t force it, and I chose not to explore the erotic. I ended up moving to the floor, where I just lay there, and did some stretches which felt very nice. I think I was dancing a bit, swaying, and just feeling good in general.

It was probably at the 3-3.5 hr mark that I think I was “Peaking”. I got up and turned on the lights, and there were noticeable OEV’s at this point. Light patterning and hieroglyphic type visuals on the walls and flat surfaces. I think what was more significant to me at this point was my realization that only 3 hours had passed, even though I had perceived it as much more. The time dilation was significant. This “peak” really didn’t last super long though, and I had maybe 45 minutes of obvious OEV’s before things started to settle down again. The body feeling and mental space remained much longer. The rest of the trip was rather uneventful, but it was a very long and slow comedown, in this case, reminiscient of 2C-E. Even though my trip wasn’t intense, I felt a bit drained mentally, and decided to veg on some TV. I threw on the latest season of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, absent mindedly watching and letting my thoughts drift. I did find the Xenon episode utterly fascinating however and was very interested. The comedown was slow, so I actually did end up exploring the erotic, but more as means to fall asleep. It actually took about 13 hours before I finally fell into a light sleep.

I only slept for about 3 hours as I had pre-existing plans, so naturally I was dragging the entire rest of the day, no matter how much coffee I drank. Besides that I felt great.

In conclusion what I can definitively say is;

The material is rather potent, I’d call the overall experience a +2, but the peak was almost a +3.

Its rather long lasting as well.

At this dose, the body was better than expected.

It’s not like 2C-E, which I had been expecting having tried both 2C-B and 2C-B-FLY.

It’s a little sad that I can’t tell you much more, but I am extremely fortunate to be able to have sampled the compound and at least provide a brief description of effects. I’m not sure why the creator never published any information on the compound but I have a few ideas why. I do hope that in the future, the compound becomes a bit more available, as I think it has real potential to be a gem. Hope you enjoyed! Much love!!

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Wow! Awesome to hear a report on this - thanks! When I saw the pictures of the vials, the last thing I expected was to see a report on here a week and a half later! =)
Thanks so much for sharing! I have been lusting after 2C-E-fly for ages, given how lovely 2C-B-fly is, and how it has similarities to 2C-B but is also altered in some really nie ways. Since 2C-E is one of my very favorite psychedelics, I would LOVE to see how adding the fly will change it. And it sounds like it changes it in about the way I expected! Although my guess would be a higher dose would bring out a little more character... that was my impression reading your report, but then you said it briefly touched on a +3, so I dunno. In any case, I hope someone makes this... very much.

The material was a white, flakey, shiny substance that somewhat resembled fishscale cocaine, but much whiter and less pearly.

Like 2C-E itself, then. I have always liked how 2C-E (and 2C-P) have that shimmery, flaky appearance. For the record, DOPr has virtually the same appearance. But it seems like most of the other 2C-Xs/DOXs are more of a uniform powder.

It was slightly reminiscent of 2C-E visually, but different. 2C-E visuals for me aren’t strong when I take it alone. I often see fractals in the refractions of all light sources, but aside from that I don’t find 2C-E particularly visual.

Interesting, for me, 2C-E is insanely visual, moreso than almost any other psychedelic.
Also, have you tried 2C-B-fly? I think you said you have, if so, how does 2C-E-fly compare to it?
Yes I have. My 2c-B-Fly dose was 25mg tho so it was a full on experience. Only obvious similarity was that both the 2C-E-FLY and 2C-B-FLY were both way less physical than their 2,5 dimethoxy counterparts.

2C-B-FLY was very cerebral, with almost no body. I think 2C-E-FLY could get more physical (and visual) with a higher dose.

And yes the saddest thing about my experience was I had so little.. that the full character wasnt seen. Still.. a +2 at 5-6mg points that it is considerably more potent...

If i was to try it again, my next dose would be 9mg, I'd slowly step it up, just in case it follows the same step dose response curve of 2ce...
Funnily enough, I also fall into the category of people that don't find 2C-E to have much in the way of visuals. It's funny since so many peyote describe it as intensely visual
Did everyone have the strongest visuals with the first few 2C's they tried? Had very strong visuals the first time trying 2C-D and the first few times trying 2C-B, but now I get almost nothing from either. Like 9/10 down to 2/10. Makes me think if I tried 2C-E I'd be in the batch that doesn't enjoy it.
No, not really. I had 2C-C orally at 20mg maybe 20 years ago. It unsurprisingly wasn't visual. Twenty or so oral 2C-B trips weren't visual. Rectal were moderately visual. Insufflated were highly visual. 2C-D was moderately visual orally and rectally. 2C-E was somewhat visual, I suppose. Then I revisited 2C-C three times and it wasn't very visual the first two times, but the final time was highly visual, more so than all the others.
No I didn't find the first doses of 2C-x's ruined the visuals for me at all with later trips. I found there was definatley a tollerance but after several months as an example I always found 20mg of 2C-I to cause my whole field of vision to be covered in visuals (usually moving geometric patterns). I rated the 2C-x visuals like this... Of the short acting ones in the 4-6 hr range I rate them all as generally much lighter in the trip and what I call more eye candy. 2C-B was the least visual at doses of 20-30mg with only very slight visual distortions. 2C-D was next up the list but still only visual distortions and kind of wavey paterns at 75-100mg orally. 2-CC is by far the most visual of the short acting eye candy range, but unfortunatley PIHKAL never got the doses high enough. I found 50mg oral is minimum and 75-100mg is sometimes needed to get good visuals. There is usually an 3D visual pattern like those old 3D eye magic books with the red and blue glasses you wear. Much more visual than 2C-D or 2C-B and more fun. Of the longer lasting 10-14hr trips I find 2C-I as I previously said is very visual for me an all my friends at 20mg but I often find the trip not that deep & meaningful compared with 2C-E (I mean it's still deeper than any of the short acting eye candy range (2C-B, 2C-D, 2C-C). I find 2C-E is as visual as 2C-I at 20mg but I only needing the 2C-E at 16mg to be equvalent. I've done 18mg of 2C-E a couple of times but any more would I think just be overkill for me. The visuals on 2C-E I find usually have more of a mystical or magical nature to it. So lets say for example I remember 1st testing out 2C-E at low doses and the tiles in the bathroom getting patterns and then turning into faces of animals. I remember my galaxy laserpod morphing into a Native American Medicine Wheel. Rather the 2C-I visials for me are usually just my whole field of vision covered in simple 2D moving geometic patterns. I've played with 2C-T-7 only once or twice at low dose and very impure 2C-T-2 many times at doses much higher than in PiHKAL but it seemed so impure than the doses of 2C-T-2 where only starting to get trippy and so visuals where only just starting. They both seemed to be visual in the sence that I only had mild trips on them and the visuals where mild but noticabley more than say 2C-B or 2C-D. I never continued with 2C-T-7 or 2C-T-2 or any other of those sulphur substituted ones as I got too many occasional GI side effects and bladder side effects like having to pee every 5 mins which was just too annoying.

I've had a sample of 2C-P for years just sitting there unopened but yet gotten around to doing it as I realise PiHKAl says it lasts longer than 2C-E and the dose is smaller. I've had much more anxiety issues in the past decade meaning that I'm just not sure if I can enjoy life like it was in my 20's where I could trip on 2C-E any weekend that I felt like it and absolutley love it. The last bunch of times I've done any classic seretonergic phenethylamine phychedelics or tryptamine psychedelics in the past decade has been very hit and miss. I usually find it quite difficult to not be anxious and uncomfortable for the whole trip. I guess that's why I've mostly stuck to the dissos, empathogens, cathinones, GHB/GBL/1,B, seditives like soma and sometimes opiates or meth and of course nangs (nitrous) in the last 10 years.
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