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2C-P scraps

For some reason I tried 2CP* and got nothing. I thought there had been a prior thread, but I left this one open since I couldn't find any others.
You can add a wildcard like LSD* or 2c-p*, but the problem is the search engine drops the dash and searches for "2cp" not "2c-p". I don't know what to do to get it to keep the '-', I tried an escape character but that didn't work. Here is the thread you are looking for:


Hopefully be next week some time I should be able to say something about this material.
Re: 2c-p.

Plank said:
I have been somewhat dissapointed with 2c-e, it is a very mild experience for me as contrasted against the many reports I studied.

On that note, I too had problems with 2C-E, but I finally found my dose. I took 26-28mg of it the other night and had my best and most powerful, trippy, euphoric, amazingly visual experience ever... My report is here:

2C-E: Universal Orgasm
ER0X said:
I have to take alot of 2ce to feel anything. 30+mg when most people trip real nice off 10-15mg

I've had varied results from 30mg trips. My first time on 2C-E i thought the drug wasn't working cuz i wasn't feeling much of anything or seeing anything 2 hours after dropping. But another hour rolled by and I was having the time of my life with intense visuals that were just overwhelmingly beautiful. The second time I tried 2C-E was equally fun, and so I followed it up with some AMT and tripped for 28 hours straight. The next day I ate some shrooms and tripped balls too. Then it happened. I took some 2C-E the next day and it did nearly nothing for me. Almost no visuals, just the tryptamine body high. I ate a gram and a half of the same shrooms I had, no noticable effects at all. Took 50mg of 5meo-dipt, still no visuals. I think cross-tolerance is a huge factor when it comes to psychedelics. I'm going to save my last hit of 2c-e for tomorrow and see how that goes. I hope I'm not disappointed.
well i only had dramamine yesterday, and i'm going clean today too. still, i guess you're right and i might just save it for another weekend.
I've learned the hard way with tolerance. 2C-E is quite sensitive to other chemicals, and cross-tolerance abounds. I finally, after a month of not consuming any phens, and only one bout with 4-AcO-MiPT, found bliss with 26 to 28mg of it the other night. Don't waste your last dose, its well worth the wait man. I'd recommend giving yourself about a month of abstinence, that's where full effects come in.
i would be interested in a 2c-p version where the propyl group was connected by an oxygen. this that sounds very simailar to T7...but more legal.

i.e. 2,5-dimethoy-4-propoxy-PEA, or 2c-o-7. Shulgin mentions it under his entry for 2c-o-4. These are true analogs of 2c-t-7 and 2c-t-4. Shulgins results with 2c-o-4 were dissapointing (no activity at 60mg). The amphetamine homologue of 2c-o-7, MPM, is also in pihkal and this was dissapointing too.
I'll be posting a trip rport

I will be posting a roport on this substance in the Trip Report section. The new Erowid Trip report is rediculous. It did not describe the effects of 2C-P well at all.
^^^ I should get a report written this weekend - I'll almost definitely be trying it. So look for it, despite my poor trip report writing skills ;)

Ok it looks like I fixed it. Yikes....30mg would be a really bad idea for 2c-p. I'm still learning this vbulletin stuff though so let me/us (preferrably by PM) know if there are any problems.