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RCs 3-MMC Strange long lasting after effect from individual dose


Apr 4, 2022
Since a while I notice that I always get a reproducible and distinct after effect from 3-MMC but only if i take an individual dose. The effect lasts from 2 days after the high until 7-10 days after the high. IMO its quite distinct from the usual hangover one gets from MDMA where you just feel mentally empty and drained of motivation for 2-3 days. Here its more reminiscent of an opiodid withdrawal. Ill describe the symptoms:

  • Lowered threshold for pain and discomfort (particularly in the intestinal area in the early morning).
  • Sleep is negatively affected with lots of nightmares and vivid dreams. Its really hard to get up, but when I allow myself to sleep more than the usual hours, the unconfortable feel only gets worse. It remains noticable during the day.
  • Significantly reduced appetite.
  • Increased tolerance to alcohol. Alcohol alleviates the symptoms for as long as the alcohol is working.
  • Mood is negatively affected.
Usually I don't combine 3-MMC whith anything when I take a single dose except alcohol. In those occasions I rather use it as a functional stim to extend the evening. Interestingly If I abuse 3-MMC for a few days in a row with multiple redosing and in combination with GBL and Benzodiazepines, I only get a "regular MDMA hangover" that lasts 2-3 days and none of the symptoms that I described earlier.

That's whats really puzzling me: How can It be that a rather small single dose (100-150mg) leads to worse and longer lasting negative after effects than multiple bigger doses. What could be the mechanism behind it? Maybe depression, induced by neurotoxic metabolites of 3-MMC? Just a wild guess.

Is there anybody who experienced a similar thing?




Feb 28, 2016
GD problem is you GOTTO KEEP bumping this stuff:unsure::rofl: ---GOD Wonder why .....? Old Methylone and 4 MEC or Pentylone wow just three bumps and flying all night long ----wonder why it shares the same make up as the old 4 MMC. I don't know never really did 4 MMC but did the Butylone ; now I must say that would really race the heart hard!!!!