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(5-MAPB/80 mg) - First time with this chem - Roll at home, happy birthday


May 16, 2013
I weigh 53 kg and am not new to this class of drugs, but this was my first time with 5-MAPB.

Setting: my own birthday party at my apartment. We played a concert for the guests and had finished and were feeling very relaxed, all guests were good friends.

22:00 - Took about 80 mg of 5-MAPB orally. SO took 100 mg.

22:30 - First alerts; feel a bit spaced out/unable to focus and a bit more open than usual with guests.

23:00 - Come up rather abruptly in the middle of trying to pass out Secret Santa presents. Felt a bit light-headed.

23:15 to 01:00 - Let the empathy and shit-talking commence - engaged everyone on a very personal level, thanked everyone a thousand times for coming, physically felt floaty and craved good music. SO had an intense therapeutic discussion to someone he didn't know very well. Bruxism was present - jaw clenching for me; SO chewed up his cheeks a bit. Dry mouth resulted in cracked lips. No eye wiggles at this dose. Dilated pupils.

1:00-2:30 - Desire for intimate social setting had developed; sequestered self and small group of guests into a bedroom, where I observed I felt slight rushes of euphoria when I engaged them in talking about themselves. Strong "bonding" feelings.

2:30-3:30 - Started to feel tired above all else. Roommate was extremely drunk and dragged someone "new" into bedroom, creating very weird third-wheel dynamic (had 1 guest in my bedroom, SO and I were on the couch).

3:30-4:30 - Sex was not really enhanced; continued to feel fatigued. Fell asleep after maybe 30-60 minutes of trying. No CEVs as with 6-APB. Decidedly not psychedelic in the same way that 6-APB and 6-APDB are (can't speak for 5-APB).

8:15 - Woke up and made coffee; felt tired throughout the day with a brief period of slight nausea in the afternoon. Was able to visit my parents, do some simple auto maintenance tasks, and eat.

In summary - 5-MAPB has been my favorite of the APBs. I would really like to see it work its magic in a setting where the music is louder and the lights are off, and I will probably dose at 100 mg next time - 80 mg was pleasant for sure but a bit subtle, no big body rushes or anything (but then again it may have been different in a club environment where the volume could be cranked up high). The shorter duration of effects and minimal body load makes this preferable over longer-lasting substances like 4-FA and 6-APB. I am post-loading with 5-HTP and hoping I won't feel like a sad sack of shit for Christmas.


May 13, 2012
Thanks for the report.

Do you feel there is no sexual enhancement with this one or were you mostly down off the buzz when you attempted?