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5F-AKB48 - Raw Powder - Trip Report


Apr 7, 2013
I have had a fair amount of experience with drugs; Cannabis, different prepacked spice blends (Mr. Nice guy, Kush, Kush Max, Bonzai winter boost), Coke, Crack, Bath Salts, Diphenhydramine, Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Xanax and probably quite a few more, but those come right off the top of my head. This is my first ever experience of a raw cannabinoid powder, so I was extremely anxious and excited to test this out!

I prepared the 5F-AKB48 (I will not just call this "The Powder" lol) by making a solution in 70% isoproyl alcohol. I had 500mg of the powder and I used 50mL of 70% isoproyl alcohol to make a 10mg/ml solution of the drug. (You can also do this with oil to make a suspension but you need an orally active powder and I'm not sure if 5F-akb48 is orally active... I just wanted to smoke it anyways lol.) So I took, a little less than half a milliliter into my oral syringe (.45mL to be exact, which is 4.5mg of the actice chemical) and I dropped it all onto my unwrapped damiana joint, licked it, sticked it and let the alcohol evaporate infront of the fan. Since it was 70% alcohol, once the alcohol evaporated, my joint still looked a little wet... That's should only be water (read the ingredients or use moonshine, or 100% acetone). Now here comes the trip report! :)

Dosage: 4.5mg of pure 5F-AKB48
Weight: 173 pounds
Drug experience: Read top of report.
Tolerance: None as I haven't smoked any spice in a very long time
Setting: I was sitting on my roof, just relaxing and getting ready for the high, as I know some spice highs are pretty intense, so I just wanted to brace myself for whatever could happen lol.
Time: The time was about 9:30 at night.

0.00: After relaxing and getting ready for this experience, being careful not to sike myself out, I lit up my joint and took a hit. The smoke was smooth, didn't irritate my lungs and I just enjoyed it. I was thinking, it'd be nice to add a flavor in next time lol. No immediate feelings after the first couple hits.

3.00: A few minutes later, roughly 2-4 minutes, I finished off my joint and just chilled on my roof. No feelings yet and I was beginning to think, if this didn't hurt my lungs and didn't taste bad... It might be some bunk mess... Unbeknownst to me, the high was probably just kicking in.

6.00: The high starts to hit me pretty heavily, more like a gradual heavy though. Whooooaaaa. I'm relaxing on my roof and I start to think, oh crap, what if this is more powerful than I thought... As most spice blends usually felt, I lost a lot of my coordination and balance. Not like being drunk, but I can't really explain it. But for fear of falling off of my roof, I decided to go back inside haha.

10.00: I just kept getting higher and higher and I was really starting to freak myself out. Sometimes my mind would drift off thinking about something, then I'd come back and be like, oh man... I'm high as a kite.. Then I'd start to sike myself out again and it just kept repeating like that for the next few minutes. Another thing is, my time distortion was waaaayyyyy off. A minute would feel like ten minutes in my mind. It wasn't bad though, it was quite nice.

13.00-16.00: My high hit it's peak and I was at the point, totally relaxed and not worried about anything. I had finally hit my comfort zone where I don't have to worry about anything. It felt like high paradise. =D From here on out, I kinda just coasted along the high, listening to music, daydreaming, getting lost in my mind and i was totally satisfied with everything.

Notes: Major time distortion, by now, roughly 16 minutes in, it felt like ATLEAST a good hour or so. No munchies recorded. No sore throat or anything like that. Pretty bad loss of coordination, slight drunk feeling but not a 'wasted' type loss of balance and such. It was tolerable. Slight nausea up to the 10 minute point, then I started to calm down and it went away. It was probably due to a sort of worry.

30.00: My high was slowly tapering down, but I was still definitely messed up. I was really enjoying it too. :)

75.00: My high has come down enough to where I could act completely normally. So I went to go brush my teeth and go to the bathroom before I went to sleep.

85.00: I fell asleep. It wasn't hard to fall asleep, I wouldn't recommend it for a sleep aid though. Moreso for a good two hourish high.

The Next Morning: Slight, slight lingering high. It went away after getting ready, taking a shower and going to work. Nothing to worry about at all. No negative side effects.

Recap: The only real disadvantage is that it can be easy to sike yourself out a little bit, ESPECIALLY if you're new to the whole spice thing. But from here on out, I cant see any real 'negative side effects' coming up though. I kinda wish it would give me the munchies though... Everybody enjoys a good case of the munchies. ;)
Like I said earlier in the report, I do not know if 5f-akb58 is orally active. And I can't find ANY reports on the oral activity of it. But I took 3mg of 5f-akb48 about an hour and fifteen minutes ago and I guess we'll see how it goes. I may be feeling slight effects so far, but that may just be placebo. Hoping for the best right now!
I think most of these aromatic / alkylated indole ketones should work orally - I don't see any reason why they would degrade metabolically that way - but the absorption matters, and that can be enhanced by putting it (mixing / dissolving) in oil or fat. Some say that it is essential to do this to get effects.

Be careful, I've had pretty strange unexpected reactions (both on the strong and the weak side) from dosing compounds like JWH-122 and AM-2201 orally - even trying to do it consistently with oil. It seemed like tolerance effects I could not get a grip on, but it is also possible stomach contents - quantity and whether it is fatty or not - played a role.

FWIW, even if there are not immediate metabolic issues with the adamantyl, naphthoyl and fluoroalkyl moieties I do not think that these synthetic cannabinoids are safe - especially full agonists which can have their own quirks. It seems much easier to develop problems over a short time compared to compounds that have similar pharmacological action but more moderated.
I know the cannabinoids I mentioned are full agonists and I no longer take them.
Like I said earlier in the report, I do not know if 5f-akb58 is orally active. And I can't find ANY reports on the oral activity of it. But I took 3mg of 5f-akb48 about an hour and fifteen minutes ago and I guess we'll see how it goes. I may be feeling slight effects so far, but that may just be placebo. Hoping for the best right now!

I just sprinkle a bit on some fatty food and it last for a few hours.
Nice report. I love the synthetics, some more than others. This one, and 5F-PB22 were actually some intense mind fucks in these parts. I like em a lot.
This guy didn't like it so I ordered a gram of it just to see/

5C AKB48 is not good. It provides a very quiet buzz, like a mild cannabisrus.
There I smoked was also made additionally 1/10. I think it was bad.
I want cannabisrus I can smoke cannabis. I'm a spice because I want the spice intoxication, want them to be hit hard as well, but not too hard. Some will probably appreciate this noiden maybe but I would buy any other noid anything besides this.
It may Rating 1 out of 5 from me.

I like mild noids as I got into trouble with the stronger ones so I will report in a few days.

Here`s some I tried recent

ab pinica ....mild and very damp
ab fubinica ....also slightly damp slightly stronger but still mild
thj 018 mild short damp but tasty man

then the strong ones

mmb chiminica..... dry good value strong
bb22 .....slightly less powerful than sfpb22

all of above 3 are good for tolerant users