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5meomipt redundancies

Mr: V

Feb 10, 2003
I think its something vicious in the 5-METHOXY binding.
All the 5-MeO substances i have tried have had some kind of darkness in them.

don't like it.
MGS - the supplier doesn't specify, and I'm fairly new to this and don't know the difference. Maybe this will help - It was a powder that wouldn't disolve in water, nor vodka.
MGS - I tried mixing it cold water and then warming it up in a hot water bath, but still no go.

I couldn't get pure alcohol - I was using vodka.

I'll try the acid trick in the future and get back to you.
Water solutions of 2C-T-7, 5-MeO-DiPT, and DPT that I, uh, know of, and are years old, have remained in solution all this time, I'm sure the 5-MeO-MiPT will too.
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Has anyone had any recent experience with this? I'm curious about it, but the one experience that I had (that may have been 5-MeO-MiPT or 5-MeO-AMT) was not very pleasant and full of tachycardia, with only mild visual distortion and a really strong body high, like in the form of energy.

And yes, it did make me hungry as all hell...
Ah hell, I'll contribute, I am high on this one right now. 2 1/2 hour mark.

230 pound male, good mood, nice day, half a pizza eaten one hour before dosing on 5-meo-mipt. 8 mg. oral, followed at the 15 minute mark by 3 mg. smoked. To get a taste of what was coming, this one is half as active smoked versus oral. Smoking gives an immediate effect, the smoke is pleasant tasting enough. The trip effect is always there throughout the rise, but is quite masked by the stimulative effect.

I think I like the 2Cs I have used more. This one has a speedy edge to it when you are coming up, my heart sped up to about 100 beats per minute (no big deal when you are healthy...), my palms and feet got a tad sweaty (it is a warm day where I am and turning on central air in March seems ridiculous...), and I just felt that stimulative-like effect for the first hour and a half much more than the tripping effect. I would say I peaked between at the 1 1/2 to 2 hour mark, and am now slowly coming down. There is a tripsy side to it for sure, which appears to come forward as the stimulative effects wear away. No doubt, I am enjoying it, but it is what it is.

From what I have read, I expect to come on down at a decent pace over the next two to three hours. It is nice for what it is, but if I can trip harder, a tad longer, with better visuals without the stimulative effect, I think I would definitely prefer that. This might be nice in a low dose in the 2-4 mg. range, combined with a normal dose of a 2C. To add a mild stimulative effect. In isolation, I prefer the 2Cs. I have no interest in uping my dose beyond what I have used here because the stimulant effects do not entertain me and I am sure they will multiply with each increase in mg.. At this dosage, no nausea or unwanted effects besides the overstimulation of the body...

The visuals are mild, but present. Enhanced colors, very slight breathing, slight depth distortion...

Just my opinions, your mileage may vary. A word to the wise, this is a relatively very heavy compact salt compared to the other RCs I have worked with. 8 mg. of this one looks like 2 mg. of 2C-T-2. I was very surprised by this. Be aware.

I have been playing with this one a tad more tonight... 5-meo-mipt is definitely more enjoyable, in my opinion, when smoked. This appears to minimize the stimulant-like effects while bringing out (or allowing to come out) the psychedelic effects. Not to mention you can step your self up slowly one bit at a time.

I weighed out 12 mg. and smoked it casually over a half hour about two hours ago. Small 2 mg. hits in a bong. You can take a hit and titrate your dosage quite well by simply waiting five minutes to see if you would like to go a tad farther. It does not begin to approach the overwhelming-type accounts in Tikhal when consumed in small amounts like this. Some of the smoke reports at Tikhal remind me of Salvia and other dissociatives... hence, I do not recommend just tossing a large amount in your pipe and inhaling it all within a minute or two.

Hmmm, better, but I still like the 2Cs more. And, this one is quite short lived relative to the 2Cs I have used. Perhaps this might be a good quality for some situations... for 1 hour I was a strong +++ without any negative qualities besides that annoying stimulant feeling in the background of my senses, for the second hour I slipped back into a casual +++. Now, I suppose technically I am still in the +++ range, it certainly cannot be denied I am in a psychedelic state and I could not ignore it, but as you can see I am quite lucid and functional. Visuals are the same as before when taken orally.

Interesting. But, not a keeper for me. Perhaps when I decide to try it at a small dose with a 2C I might find it of mild interest for infrequent occasions, but ultimately I consider the stimulants to be best avoided, for the health of body and mind. I probably would not buy it again with such better options out there for tripping.
hmm. i did this one at 5mg. it didn't start to come on for a 1.5-2 hours, and we thought we'd taken too little and were thinking about redosing just before it hit (but luckily didn't). once i'd come up, though, the thought of redosing never crossed my mind. i'm surprised to hear that other people felt that compulsion, actually - i didn't like it nearly enough to want to extend it. but anyway...

when it did hit, it hit fairly quick and hard. i wasn't too impressed by the mental effects - my thought processes felt muddled and confused. (i find that my tryptamine experiences in general tend to go in one of two opposite directions: i'm either elevated to a state of breathtaking clarity or plunged into unproductive disorientation. this experience definitely went in the latter direction. maybe i've gotten spoiled by taking too many phenethylamines...) one thing i will say for it, though, is that the erotic component was incredible - 'twas one of the best i've tried in that regard.

it was a lot more visual than i was expecting, and lasted longer too. we probably dosed at around 6:30, and i was still wide awake and fairly high (and starting to get quite annoyed with the cracky body energy) around 3-4am. i smoked pot at around 12:30, which brought the high back dramatically, intensifying the visuals and the annoying body energy.

ultimately, it wasn't too unpleasant, but also didn't seem particularly productive. i don't know if i'll do it again. i might try smoking it sometime, or taking it again at a slightly lower dose if i have something around to knock me out afterwards, but i'm not sure if i'll get around to it, given that there are so many better things out there.

[edited to say that the looong comedown reminded me of the despicable aftermath of 5-meo-dipt, complete with insomnia, involuntary twitching, body jolts, and a stupefied mental state. hoo boy!]
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Has anyone else tried smoking it in a vapourizer? It seemed to be more difficult than, say, 5-meo-dmt but I can't believe the melting points would differ too much, the only difference being the 3-carbon n-isopropyl as opposed to a methyl (ch3) there.
Consumption technique update.

[...the thought of redosing never crossed my mind. i'm surprised to hear that other people felt that compulsion, actually - i didn't like it nearly enough to want to extend it.]

I never felt any 'jones' from this compound either. Cocaine is the only drug I have ever felt a jones for, and that is why I do not consume cocaine.
Of course, there is a difference between enjoying something and wishing to extend the experience, and feeling a compulsion to consume a compound due to withdrawal...

I had been thinking for the past couple of days this compound was only good for flushing down the good old toilet. I was about to do this today, and I decided to take a different approach to it and to see if some good could be teased out of it. I was surprised to find that indeed, for me, when done a certain way this drug does have a better nature.

I measured out 7 mg., and consumed perhaps four small 1.5 mg. hits, smoked, in the bong. Over a twenty minute period. I left a mg. or two behind. Basically, I was looking to take a very light dosage smoked, to see if I could bring out the psychedelic effect without the stimulant effects. I had the intent of, and succeeded in, consuming a light dose and stopping smoking right before the stimulant effects kick in. I was attentive to what my heart was doing, and if I felt any sweaty responses in my hands or feet. When I felt that slight hint of persperation beginning on my fingertips, I stopped.

The intoxication achieved is fascinating to me, for one reason. For me, the similarities to a cannabis high are remarkable. I have little doubt that when we activate the CB-1 receptors consuming cannabis, we set off a chain of events in the brain quite similar to what this drug smoked at a light dosage is doing. Quite interesting, for the cannabinoids are truly unique in that they activate a cannabinoid-only set of receptors, the CB-1 (psychoactive) and CB-2 (non-psychoactive, theoretically) receptors.

The similarities are that you feel the same mood change (mild psychedelic), visual effects, slight increase of heart rate, mild erotic enhancement (cannabis is still better in my experiences... speculation later), etc... I am sure I could go on if I wish to be verbose. And, of course, various cannabis strains do have different intoxication profiles, assume the baseline is your standard balanced sativa/indica cross. The differences are that you do not get the munchies, there is no sense of a desire to sleep as with the indica leaning strains (albeit I did nap easily after two hours for four hours), eyes do not get bloodshot (cannabis causes bloodpressure to drop by relaxing the artery and vein walls, thereby causing in part an increase in heartrate to compensate and also bloodshot eyes from relaxation of the arteries, while also lowering intraocular pressure), and no cotton mouth.

I am fascinated by these overlaps in physiological and psychological effect between cannabis and 5-meo-mipt at low doses. No doubt, they do diverge in higher dosages, 5-meo-mipt going the way of a stimulant-dominant high with the psychedelic effect somewhat masked, cannabis going it's only merry unique way. I like cannabis more, but this is of interest. I suppose I will not flush it, but I still doubt I would purchase more. No need to waste my money though.

There is knowledge to be gained from these similarities, too bad proper research is so difficult to see done in this day and age as regards various recreational drugs. I will remark that it is pretty pointless to use this drug as a cannabis substitute, cannabis will allow you to go into a better state and our bodies have evolved alongside cannabis for thousands of years, basically I theorize the plant is exploiting us in a symbiotic relationship to enhance it's survival chances. Hence it is probably a healthier choice to just use cannabis if this is the state you seek (not to mention cannabinoids have anti-oxidant and other health enhancing properties...). But, I also think in all probability 5-meo-mipt in small doses is probably less of a health risk than many recreational compounds out there, not that very many of them are terribly risky to begin with (used wisely in moderation).

I would be interested to hear if others have the same experience.
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I've been looking for a psychedelic that would be slightly trippy with a nice and comfortable body high, something that's more relaxing than say 2C-E and LSD. Methylone is great, but I only use it sparingly and I would like something a little trippier. I was thinking 2C-C originally, as it's been reported to have almost zero body load and no speedy effects, but now it seems as though 5-MeO-MiPT may be the thing I'm looking for.
^^^^^ This one would be right up your alley in that right. Also its alot of bang for the buck. That first phase is a bit like methylone. Moreso than it is to ecstacy for sure as the speedy effects arent there.
I tried smoking this last night. Tastes like burning plastic to me. I gagged so much I couldnt even hold a hit down. :p
Jaw Clenching said:
I've tried it twice so far and I LOVE it. It's in my top 5 of everything I've tried so far.

1st time was 10mg orally (open gel cap). It was at home with my gf. I felt the onset within 15 minutes.


2nd time was 14mg orally (open gel cap). My gf and I did that at a desert party/rave type event with around 50 other people there


I think 14mg orally is the most I'd ever take again, but next time I plan on 12mg since 14mg was that 'almost too much' dose for me...

During the 'roll' part of the experience for me, this drug doesn't even really feel psychedelic.

JESUS CHRIST! You had 14mg orally of this the first time you used it? TIHKAL recommends 4-6mg orally! I've personally gone as high as about 10mg and wouldn't even recommend that amount (had respiratory problems for a couple of hours - and I'm not asthmatic or anything). Obviously YMMV, but you STARTED at over twice the recommended dose!

Please, anyone else reading this post.. remember to start low and work your way up, this size dosage could easily cause problems.
One of the most intense and beautiful trips I've ever had was on this stuff, and I'm unsure of the dosage but it was at least 10mg insufflated, if not 20mg. It didn't have the slightest hint of body load.
The dosages listed in TiHKAL are much lower than what most other people took in many reports I've read. I have talked to many people that have taken 5-MeO-MiPT before I decided on those doses. I'm sure this stuff is active at the dosages listed in TiHKAL, but the effects I was seeking didn't seem to be possible at those levels.

It's not like I just took 10mg the first time without doing all the possible reading, research and questioning I could...
Cat Again, I always prefer injecting/snorting my drugs.
There's no reason to snort 5-MeO-MiPT at all. It's completely active orally at a very small dose. Even if snorting it made the effective dose smaller, it would only be a difference of a milligram or less. The onset is very fast as well, so snorting won't help that either. Also there may be unknown health risks associated with snorting 5-MeO-MiPT.

It's just a bad idea with no positive aspects to make up for the risks involved.