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Positive A Friend For Always


Dec 22, 2015
If I can have the time to see you, my friend.
I’ll always stand in front of you.
I’ll always stand before you
Take the time to sit across from you.
And If I have to, I’ll take on your weight from underneath you.
Just to stand you up high, so I can look up to you.
Where I can see you’re better.

Because I won’t look down on you.
I told you straight that you’re hurting me, friend,
But I won’t look down on you.
Because I believe in your happiness
And no matter what’s happened between us in the past.
I don’t want anything to deceive you.
I’ll hold true, even if you don’t believe that I am.

When I take this time for you
To inform and fill you in
No matter how much it hurts
How I may bite back tears, day and night
How I must hold you a certain distance, just right
For what you need, your comfort, for your wants
All for you, so I am free to a just friendship

Damaged as we are, and I still miss you so much.
i call every day gladly, as ‘Just friends’ is what it is.

An eggshell bridge to a tired old way is worth shifting the weight
If it keeps me on your highway, far away and you’ll never love me again