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Benzos a friend smoked pure alprazolam powder and said it knocked him off his ass, harder than even injecting the same amount. is this also possible w/(cont)


Jun 4, 2023
is it also possible with pure clonazepam powder? I'm prescribed 2mg a day and also 1mg a day for panic attacks, in 100 pill bottles. I don't have panic attacks as often as I used to but the pharmacy don't know that so I'm gonna save em up and turn em into powder (I've done my homework on what solvent to use to only absorb the active ingredient and how to filter the solution down to a micron level and then evaporate it.) and I'm gonna after a few repeats more of saving up all the PRN pills I didn't need/take I'll have like 100mg of the stuff in pure powder form. 8mg is the dose that really knocks me on my ass if intramuscular.
Gotta admit I tried somking bromazolam powder and found it lacking.
Just me
Won't waste it again. lol