A study of online drug discussion

Dear Bluelighters

Bluelight has been facilitating connections between researchers and drug-using research participants for many years now. If you haven't already seen Drug Studies, you should check it out to see what sorts of research is being conducted and how you can be involved.

One of the studies supported by Bluelight was my very own PhD thesis, which I submitted for examination only a few weeks ago. This year I have presented results from the thesis at a variety of conferences. I have recorded three of these presentations, which are available for public viewing on Vimeo.

My most recent presentation is called 'PMA sounds fun': Negotiating contested meanings of PMA in online settings. For my PhD, I participated in and observed 40 online forums where drugs were discussed, including Bluelight. This paper is about an event that occurred during the fieldwork period, the death of Annabel Catt from PMA (in a cap sold to her as ecstasy), and how this event was discussed by people across different forums. You can view the 15 minute presentation here. Comments welcome!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in my study. See you in Drug Studies!

Tronica, Director of Research