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ALC/ALA: For those who have used it, have you seen any noticeable benefits?


Oct 28, 2010
ALA = Alpha Lipolic Acid
ALC = Acetyl L-Carnitine

For those who don't know, they're antioxidants that are supposed to help with the negative effects after/during your roll.

I just ordered this stuff and have been trying to remember to take it daily, but i'm starting to think all these rolling supplements don't do that much for me...at least not that I can notice. Piracetam did absolutely nothing for me. I'd love to hear input from others who have used them for a while. I'm going to break my "once a month" rule this weekend and roll twice in the span of 2 weeks...not a great decision I know, but i've decided this event is worth it.

I try to be pretty responsible with my usage, and I don't really have any negative long term effects as of yet...but i'm starting to think my short-term memory is giving out on me and it's kinda scary. Also, for a week after I roll I get crazy vivid dreams and it's really weird...brain zaps sometimes too.

Anyways...input on ALA/ALC would be great!