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Alcohol Alcohol


Apr 14, 2017
Yes i have heard about it. And supposedly it works well. Risk of getting dependent is really there.. Maybe quit ghb with gabapentin/pregabalin when alcohol is out of the system and/or getting dependent on ghb🤔


Jan 3, 2014
Yeah, I've done it (though in my case not in a straightforward way, but have plenty of knowledge of G withdrawal etc to know it's effectiveness) To cut a long story short, after taking g 24/7 for 12 years I was in a relationship with an alcoholic, I should have guessed I'd get hooked too (have history kind of), packed up G for vodka, not massive amounts but 100 litres in 5 months, partner passed away (alcoholic death unfortunately, extreme addict herself), was emotional, drinking more etc, felt ill even getting out of bed, knew G only hope, just switched from Vodka to G (that was 24/7 though)....then my life improved so didn't need it quite so much and finally was too risky to order (and expensive from UK)(I liked my drugs to cost about 10 pence a go, a la G :) ) wouldn't dream of risking ordering through customs to uk now, and UK to UK darkweb prices are ridiculous.....When you stop the G helps to have some diazepam or baclofen (can be got on prescription, uk anyway)(baclofen not the valium)...personally people say that coming off g is really, really bad....I've not found that, found it pretty easy

If you check out research on using GBH/GBL/Xyrem/Alcover to resolve alcohol use disorder, it becomes obvious that it's the most effective treatment around. Of course the states and lots of governments are anti-G. Don't quite understand it. Alcover (G in effect) is used in Italy and Austria for precisely that use, recovering from Alcoholism.

Been off G for a year now, bit sad really, no semi-legal supply anymore. Might seem like I got carried away, 24/7 for 12 years, but to be honest G's got so many benefits, and everybody I know whose dabbled feel the same (though they tend to be introverted asperger's types, kind of anti-depressant for that type of dysfunction)

Only drawback is takes away motivation. Now I've had to stop I've also needed to study for lots of work exams, couldn't do it on G, fine without.

So the answer to your question is yes, lol.

John Highfield 47$#@

Sep 2, 2022
Thanks for your response if you think g or gbl is hard to get in the UK it's damn impossible to get in the USA not to mention you risk 5 or so years in jail


Jan 27, 2009
In the goo
Hi everyone I have a question?have you ever heard of anyone using Ghb/Gbl to quit drinking/treat alcohol addiction would that Even work?
That was a practice they used to do, tapering with GHB, it should work effectively.

Only downside is GHB is more euphoric and addicting as well. The withdrawal is significantly shorter though. A few days in contrast to 27 day's with my own Alcohol withdrawal.

Today GHB and Clomethiazole have been largely replaced by Benzodiazepinen.
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