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Anyone tried these before? Hemp Infused Gummies


Jun 25, 2021
I had no plan to try these but I saw them at a sex shop and thought I'd buy a pack for fun, here is the front and back:



And this is the COA report:

I've never tried these or taken hemp before, I'd had 10mg THC gummies a couple times and was thinking of possibly mixing the two if that is a good idea. Let me know if these are any good, bad or if you've had them before, I originally thought I was buying CBD Gummies but it seems like it does have CBD in them?(not really sure myself lol) Thanks for any info or advice!

(Also I bought them because I was hoping they would help relax and calm me down when I'm felling very stressed)


Apr 17, 2015
Hemp Oil should have a fair amount of CBD in it, so you weren’t completely wrong. Just will have the other cannabinoids and volatile oils present.



Feb 28, 2019
Hopefully will make a nice snack.

Medicinally, it's like going to Thailand or Japan, getting off the plane and dining at McDonald's.

Hemp oil is not going to provide any significant amount of actual CBD or any other cannabioid unless it's a) high quality product and b) very large amount taken, 10 mg's is not even worth telling your body it has ingested IMO.

That's why we have a massive CBD oil, not just hemp oil trade.

Better to buy some neat, decent hemp oil, take a tablespoon, and any old sweets if you want sweets.

No harm in the above except the Sorbitol, plus the fact that crooks get patent royalties for IMO again a fraudulently marketed product.

Deflecting people away in cases from actual real medicine, giving a false belief "I've been taking hemp oil gummies recently, it's got CBD in it, CBD is meant to be good for you."

When in this particular product here, you cannot on paper at that dose, receive any actual medicinal benefits or any actual or subjects effects on stress or mood, outside pure placebo.

Placebo Hemp Gummies.

I would call them. That way it still falls into the equivocation bracket, but is not really fraudulent that way and would possibly earn a regular place in an aisle in a joke shop.

Just don't expect the unexpectable here, and good luck finding a quality CBD product to help you relax. Get a quality CBD Oil ideally.