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Heroin Are there any successful heroin chippers out there?

So...you didnt chip
you worked yer' way up to a "week long binge" then quit - Much different
stop fooling yourselves, if you graduate yourself to the needle, your not chipping, period

I never used a needle, and the week-long binge was purely recreational (well, I was in a very distressed state psychologically, but the heroin never stopped being fun for me). I snorted my last line right before leaving for the airport, hopped on a plane to America (was in the air for almost 24 hours, felt completely fine, albeit mentally drained), and never looked back. I'm not saying that what I was doing was "chipping", but at the same time, it never went behind the point where I couldn't stop when I wanted to, and I know that because I did successfully go cold turkey on my first attempt. That was three years ago.

But yeah, I highly discourage following my example. The next binge probably would have been my crossover into full-blown addiction, and now that I'm back living in the country where I got into heroin, I'm constantly vigilant about slipping into my old ways.
Well im one of those rare people who can chip. I shoot a few times a week but never 2 days in a row. I buy in semi bulk and then take a break for a few months. I've been doing this for almost 2 years but I'm still careful about it.

2 years isn't a very long time. It's still a lot longer than most people go before falling off the rails but.. still, many people can keep it together for that long. How many people do you see using for 5 years + that are able to "chip"? :\
Take it for one or two days in a month without a needle and you will be fine.

Even maybe 2 or 3 days in a row then stop for 30 days should be fine.

Never more than that.

Remember that if you feel like using it again the next day that the day after using it again will be twice as bad.
I think I will end up trying it Ill never inject it just smoke a bit and never touch it again lol I think ill always smoke weed tho lol
I think I will end up trying it Ill never inject it just smoke a bit and never touch it again lol I think ill always smoke weed tho lol

Some theories explain that it permanently changes brain willpower forever, even if you feel nauseous after the first time
Wouldnt that be enough to sway you in the other direction ?
Thats what I thought because I heard a lot of people got nauseous the first time they tried it so surely this would mean you couldn't get mentally addicted if this happened because it wouldn't even feel good
Thats what I thought because I heard a lot of people got nauseous the first time they tried it so surely this would mean you couldn't get mentally addicted if this happened because it wouldn't even feel good

Yes, the first time on any opiate usually isn't pleasant, but a lot of the times people either have friends telling them, or find out for themselves, that doing it another couple times makes it much better and they feel unfulfilled not knowing that amazing feeling everyone is always talking about, so they go ahead and try again. Well, eventually, it does feel incredibly good and then you're in real trouble.

It's like a female virgin. The first time usually hurts a lot and is far from pleasurable. But she is told that eventually, sex feels amazing, so she does it again and it hurts a little less, so on and so on, until one day, she has sex again and she finally feels what people were talking about. How many girls stop having sex at that point? Ha.

And in regards to your other post, you do realize that we all have said "we're not going to inject it" "we're only going to use it once or twice" etc. etc.

Nobody goes into it saying, "I'm going to try heroin, get on the needle, and start using all the time until I fuck up my life!" :\ Yet it happens everyday.
GanjaCat, I used to be a heroin addict and got clean around 5 years ago, so I def was not a chipper. But I tried my hardest! I just liked it way too much.....

I know one other person who (during the year that I knew her) was a successful chipper. I have no idea how she is doing now, so I cannot say how things ended up. I also know hundreds and hundreds of other opiate users, and every single one of them either had an addiction, or stopped using completely before addiction took hold.

Most likely, you will either love it and get hooked, or not like it and not get hooked. So purely from a logical point of view, it makes zero sense to try (since the only sure way not to get hooked is to not enjoy it, in which trying it would do you no good.)

But if you do like it, it is very hard to control. The addiction takes hold so quickly, and before you know it, you may find yourself using because not using will leave you feeling a little empty. And then you are using to avoid withdrawal. When it does happen, it happens so quickly....

The problem with willpower is that while it is possible to use to avoid addiction, it will leave you miserable. All you will think about is the next time you are able to use, and everything else will become boring, and annoying. Only a matter of time before the fuckits overpower the willpower.

Be honest with yourself, and make an educated decision. Heroin is serious fucking businesses. There will be exceptions no doubt; there always are. But they be the minority.
I wouldn't say that anyone who doesn't try it is missing out, in fact, I'd say you're much better off leaving it alone all together...

I couldn't agree more man. I know how a shot of heroin and cocaine feels. I wish I didn't.

Even though I have been clean for some time, nothing will ever come close to that. As such, things are less exciting than they used to be. Oh, sex with a hot chick? Yes I enjoy it, but it isn't exactly blasting off to the moon like it used to be - before I had my pleasure tolerance taken to a level I will never experience again in my natural life.

In fact, I had to redefine my goals in life, since chasing pleasure will always be a disappointment compared to a good speedball.
I'm sure if you're chipping and not using daily the wd's would be pretty mild. Nothing compared to quitting after a long haul.
Don't know why everyone is saying you won't feel good or enjoy it the the first time but hell yeah did i get sick and puke the first couple times i used heroin but those were probably the best days i can remember. Weird how you can be puking but also feeling the most amazing you ever have felt.

I been using 10 years but never tried a speedball, been reading about it quite a bit lately and let me say its got me very tempted to try it. Sounds just like a normal rush, but masivly intensified.
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Eh, my first experience with heroin(IV, I didn't bother smoking or snorting) was just grand. I was, admittedly, already very tolerant to very potent opioids.

First experience with IV opioids was fent, actually, and that was just great as well, so I don't know why anyones first time with heroin would suck, unless they dosed too high and puked all night or something.

As for speedballs...I'm already addicted enough as it is, I think I'll skip the coke!
^Wiser man than myself.

Dboy, I would very strongly advise against it. It's extremely and unpredictably dangerous. And it gives no satisfaction, just fiending and chasing. It really doesn't matter what it feels like, it will leave you feeling worse, if not dead.

And I don't even like stims or powdered cocaine to begin with, yet I craved that, and did way more dumb, suicidal shit than I ever did with dope. (And it takes enjoying vomiting to a whole new level....)
Takes enjoying vomiting to a whole new level, haha! nice

The main reason i love dope is for the rush and doesn't adding coke just intensify it? It kinda scares me though because my whole life I've only done coke about 5 times. I kinda enjoy it but id rather just chill then be all hyped up.

Dude last month my fav rapper when i was younger just died from a speedball/s, .fukn criss cross lol
It does intensify it, but in a way that is mostly reinforcing, not satisfying (the evil and arguably more addictive twin of euphoria). Opiates feel amazing, on so many levels. Cocaine just fucks with the part of the brain that should be left alone. Sorta like circular logic: it's reinforcing because it is reinforcing; I chased it because I felt compelled to chase it. Comparatively, I felt like Odysseus in an epic (and tragic) love poem chasing heroin. Cocaine was more a laser guided missile homing in on its laser designator - almost a machine like response.

Once I started adding in cocaine, the enjoyment factor of addiction went out the window.
My advice is not to. I guess I'm successful in that I'm academically successful, have a research position and go to a top school in the U.S. It's risky as fuck.

1.whats you roa?
Snorting, plugging, smoking in that order

2.how does the high feel?
Removal of my anhedonia and psychological pain

3.have you experienced increase tolerance?
Yes, this hasn't been as prominent with 30mg DXM daily

4.and have you ever had any craving of any kind?
I crave it all day every day except when I'm in class, studying, or doing research (I do crave it at my other job though)

I tend to use it once every 2 weeks when classes are in session, but 2-4 times a week during the summer. Cravings are worse during the summer out of boredom.

Been using for about a year now. My advice is not to ever start, OP. At the moment opiates are the only thing I look forward to and life and preventing me from killing myself. I wouldn't be surprised if I turned into a daily user at some point, I'm not a good example.
I'll be honest I only read the OP. heroin is 110% mote amazing then codeine. But the shit ain't worth trying. I thought I would of been able to handle my shit starting off sniffing it then shot it once and
Never looked back to snorting it since. Long story short just don't. Chipping will rarely work especially with heroin.
I got clean from opiates for a year. Then I snorted a really good bag once before a very stressful life event. Haven't touched it, or anything stronger than occasional kratom since. Given the right circumstances I can't say that I wouldn't do it again. But for now I don't want to get involved. So I successfully chipped exactly one time in my life. I still crave opiates but that's something that would be going on anyway.